Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I jumped the gun!

So the good news is that the purple cast is off and I did not have to get the construction orange cast put on. The bad news is the walking boot is back on and still no weight bearing. Well, it sure was nice to get that cast off but then I saw my cave woman leg and I burst out laughing! I swear this is how hairy my leg was. Remember the movie Teen Wolf, played by Michael J. Fox? Well this was him in the movie, and the leg on the right matches mine!

But I have to say with how hard it is to bathe, I have been feeling a little like this! I wonder where its acceptable to be this hairy?

And I could not go without showing you this, a cave woman showing off her Brazilian! I love it!


Anonymous said...

Megan, I love your sense of humor. Isn't it gross that over in Europe women don't shave....yuck!

Mandi said...

LOL you're sooo bad. I love Teen Wolf by the way!

Debbie said...

Oh Megan I adore your sense of humor. Did you leg stink too, it must have. Thanks for another vote....oh and my new party will be announced with details tomorrow, or later tonight.

Keith said...

This was so cool.

Tayebug said...

I bet you are glad to have that off, even if you have to wear a walking boot!! I can't imagine how hairy I would be after having a cast on for so long. Hilarious!

Diana Mieczan said...

Hahaha....I am so glad its off...Good for you sweetie...You have such a great sense of humor:)
Kisses darling and see you soon:) happy Thursday

Kim said...

OMG! TOO funny! The cave woman picture kills me! That 2nd picture scares me. Please don't let it get THAT bad.

Hope your dancing, hair-free soon!

FairfieldHouse said...

Dear Wookie, I mean Meg,

You're a riot, a real riot!
One day I will tell you a story about going Brazilian that will make you pee your pants. I won't tell you now because you can't bathe.

Your Friend,

No Phone Call Is Worth It!