Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are you ready for this?

Today was the day! I went in to get my cast off and then my stitches out! I thought I'd bring my camera so I could capture the moment! Please pull up a chair and get comfortable. I would advise you not to eat during this special feature, and if you have just eaten you might want to go and digest a while before viewing these amazing pictures! Enjoy!

I had to get one more shot of my cast and the "Tell me I'm Hot" on the bottom. Jim asked if I was going to save the bottom and I looked at him like he was crazy. Of course I didn't save it, that's what the picture is for!

This is one of the cast techs and the funny thing is my husband took out her gallbladder. We just started talking and since she noticed my name she said hey I know your husband. I guess she does, and really well now, lol!

I was terrified to have the cast cut off. The sound of the saw is much worse than actually having it removed. So for all you clumsy people out there, who might someday be unfortunate as I, that was really the easy part.

The blade isn't really sharp at all. She just has to go deep until it just about hits your skin and then you jump! Here she is peeling the cast off.

Look at how swollen my foot is! My poor baby toe is warped and just yuck!

Drum roll please. So this is what I've been dealing with! Excuse my hairy veiny legs. "WOW" just look at the size of that thing?

This is my sweet doctor. It wasn't too bad getting those stitches out! Thank you for being so gentle Dr. Nelson!

And this is how pretty my foot is without the stitches. Can I get another WOW!

Now I'm back downstairs to get another cast put on. Hmm, what color shall I pick this time?

Voila! Purple of course!

Well there you have it folks! I wonder if I will gain some new followers because of how sorry you feel for me, or if I will lose some because I've thoroughly grossed you out! I sure hope it's the first one!


♥ Calamity Anne ♥ said... tummy turned all sorts of flips and flops when I saw the stitches!!! I'm such a weenie! Glad that you're on the mend!

River-Rose said...

Wow! My ten year old son really enjoyed your pictures, although they kind of made me cringe. It looks like it might still be painful- I hope not! Thanks for taking us to the appointment and get better soon!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hey man!!! I know you said to prepare for it, but... :)

This is like reality-blogging. Whoa!! SO glad you're making strides (pardon the pun) with you leg!!

Take it easy and milk this for all you can, girl!



Janna said...

OUCH!!!!!! Love your purple cast though.

Stephanie said...

You poor thing! Hope you feel much better very very soon!

Tayebug said...

That is quite an injury. WOW!!! Glad you're on the mend.

Sue said...

I think MY cast went up higher. But after your cast came off and those god awful stitches were right there, you WIN for the worse broken ankle/foot! That was nasty ;0) Although, I have to admit, I liked that you documented it for your blog! I had this OLD almost 90 year old woman, who was super tiny climb on top of me to cut my cast off. That part is scary!! When do you get this cast off? Thinking of you and feeling your pain!!

Take care, Sue

the treat girl said...

Yeah!!!!! So happy to hear you're coming along!!! And I keep forgetting to comment on your post about random things about you....I love to cut in when painting too!!!! oh...and I love your new bloggy makeover too :)

Anonymous said...

Well you will get pity from me cuz that can't be fun at all!! I think it's very cool that you shared it with all of us. Pretty cool purple.


Blondie said...

Wow that's an injury! I'm sorry honey! I love your new purple cast though! Thanks for visiting today and your comments on my post. Hope you have a great night! Kori xoxo

Mandi said...

So. . . those stitches look . . .wow. OW. So my bff told me her son had his cast off this week and it stunk to high heaven.

So I have to ask:

Did it stink??

Julie Johnson said...

Yikes does that look painful. Keep taking care of yourself!!!!

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Loved your pink cast! I had a pink one a couple of years back when I broke my ankle...hope you are doing well up and around!
funky junk

Hood Canal Gal said...


Still, I have to one up you on this one Meg..... I had staples in my leg once from a skin graft. When the time came to remove them the only thing that made it even close to bearable was the hot volunteer fireman they roped into holding my hand.

Feel better, mend well and hope your up and running soon!!!


Diana Mieczan said... poor thing:( I like the new colour:) Suits you:)
Take care of yourself and see you soon, darling

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

HOLY SMOKES! You are one tough chick!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh my goodness that is a huge incision! You poor thing :( Love the face lift around here :)

Kim said...

I wasn't ready!!!! Oh my word! You poor thing! That looks barbaric and soooo painful! But...I love your new purple cast. Whatcha gonna write on the bottom of this one?

aka the Mom said...

Love the purple cast, it matches my hair! lol I think you should go for the whole "I wish I had purple hair" thing. You'll love it! It even looks great with a mantilla. If you need a friend, I'll come and cheer you on, but I may not be the best influence. I hope you're okay with that.

Mary Ann said...

you must have been hurting so bad! so sorry to learn this. hope things will get better from here...verbena cottage

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