Friday, January 28, 2011

"Blizzard Bloghop"

Blizzard  Bloghop 2010 hosted by Household 6 Diva

I thought I would participate in "The Snowed in Blog Hop" that Household 6 Diva is hosting!

It is such a wonderful way to meet and greet other wonderful blogs out there!

Now sit back, relax, and pour yourself another cup of coffee (or if you are like me, you are on your second pot!) and get to know me!

Where to begin, oh yes my name!

My name is Megan and this is my blog, 1 Funky Woman!

I like to think of myself as a little nutty, out there and one that kinda dances to her own beat at times. I've been blogging for over a year now and I can't believe it. I totally spaced my blogiversary! It was in November and it really just flew by. I am at about 600 followers and had no idea if people would like me, but you do, you really like me!

I love this blogging world and I'm amazed at all the wonderful people I've met through this experience!

I started blogging as a way to vent about my kids, my interests in decorating, or just life! I pretty much tell it like it is. I tend to lay it all out and can be pretty blunt at times. I have no problems voicing my opinion and think life is too short not to be heard!

My favorite quote is,
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss

Well, I hope you'll be back to visit or follow! I'm off to blog hop and meet some amazing people!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Awesome finds!

I have been having such amazing luck with my Good will and antique store finds, that I just had to post some pictures!

Look at this fantastic bowl from Portugal for $3.99. I found it at the Good Will!

I thought it made a good fruit bowl!

This picture was from an antique mall for $7.00. Just loved it!

Not sure if you can see but it is dated and signed 1939!

Birdcage that I'm thinking about spray painting black for $10.00

Now this is goofy and totally freaked both my kids out! It says Evita at the bottom but when I saw it at the Good Will for $10.00 I thought it reminded me of someone I knew!

No idea what I am going to do with this. My husband says I should save it for halloween and put some fake blood coming out of her mouth! Ummm, no thanks!

This is my mother's college graduation picture!

Now do you see the similarities? Kind of freaky!

Lamp for $15.00! I got it at an antique mall shop but I believe it was once at Target. Love the number on it!

Now this little guy was on clearance at target for $6.00 and he just made me laugh!

Don't you think it makes a great dog treat bowl?

This pic was $5.00!

My gal needed a crown and this was a steal at $3.00

Queen B for the Queen! I just liked the colors, but forgot the price!

I was thinking of doing a collage of pictures above this buffet, any thoughts?

There are many more treasures that I have found but I'll save those for another day!

Have a great one!


I'm doing a Guest Post Today!

I'm so excited that Morgan from Tatted Mom asked me to guest blog for her today. When I met Morgan we just clicked! I love the fact that she gets me and doesn't judge. I know when I speak my mind she is usually the first one to say " oh my gosh, I've been there!" Maybe its because she is a tatoo artist and I fantasize about getting one (but probably never will. I'm too chicken!)

So, please head on over and check out her blog oh and read my post of course!


Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Friday night are you ready to party?

Well, its too cold here to even think about stepping outside. Oooh yeah, the temp has actually gone up 5 degrees from the negative that it was earlier today! I took a well needed break from my Blog background frustrations and figured that laughing was the cure I needed and frankly a pretty good ab workout! So if you didn't make it to the gym, have no fear because these will give you a workout that might even make you cry!

I'm thinking that the reason the stool, the fan and the noose were purchased was because they were forced to watch all 6 DVDs of Jon and Kate! In fact I might even buy that noose if I had to watch her!

Wow, I'd say his neighbor really pissed him off, ya think?

So that's how real pumpkin pie is made!

I'm not sure if the visual of this guy on his toilet gives me faith in the right area! I mean I'm sure you are capable of plugging it up but can you unplug it for me. That's the question?

What can I say to this one other than ewwwwww! Do you think he is the instructor or some guy from the back of the class that couldn't resist?

Do you really need to inform the "no pole dancing" rule!

This one is seriously my favorite! Ha, can you believe she really texted this to her dad! She must have had a little too much fun in Cancun! El-stupido!

Priceless! I really do know a few girls that still wouldn't get this!

I'm thinking we might have to think twice before taking our kiddos to the zoo!

One would think they would make sure their surroundings were clear before they squatted. Well at least if she was constipated then his roaring would just scare the poop out of her!

These are what I'm taking on our next camping trip!

So they are really suppose to be lighthouses, ya. I'm wondering if the person who thought of this got fired!

Ya think someones gonna pick him up? I'll bet its a blond in that white car that just left the corn maze!

Hey at least they are getting out and socializing!

I'd say someone got some cheap advertisement!


Again, here is that blond from the corn maze driving so close and will have no idea what hit her when she gets dumped on!

Can you imagine as a little kid, his name being announced on the loud it?

Dam, and I thought I might get a few points!

Well time to cuddle up with the kiddos and watch a movie! Enjoy the laughs and the workout!

Under Construction!

I woke up this morning to my blog all goofed up! I think I scared the dog into pooping because I screamed so loud. Poor thing. I have been working on my own customized background. It is just taking longer than I would like. If only my brother in-law who is a graphic artist would get off his behind and help his favorite sister in-law then I wouldn't be dealing with this crapola! I think there are some wonderful free backgrounds out there and I am so grateful that they are available and that so many of us can use them and do. I just think they have problems too and I'm kinda thinking that is how this whole mess started. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I understand they have the right to change things but warn us before you do that could you!

It's freezing here today I think it said - 9 degrees. Rather balmy don't you think?
The dogs don't want to go outside. I don't blame them. I think they are afraid this might happen

Off to make another pot of coffee, yest I did say another. I'd drink but its still a little too early!

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great Weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is it really Wednesday already?

How is that possible? Where the hell does the time go? It must go to the same place as all those lone socks I keep collecting from the laundry. I mean does my washer eat them or do my kids have smelly feet and they would rather live alone without their mate than on my kids ! Speaking of kids, they have a half day today, grrrrrr! So I've been thinking I must have ADHD. I can't seem to stay on task with one thing. Before I know it I've jumped into 5 different projects and the house looks worse than before. For starters I think I bit off more than I could chew with my basement. Remember my expectation of having the Hell Hole finished today? Yeah, not! It will get done and I will show you but it seemed that everything else needed to be done and that was not one of them.

Sometimes I think this is what I should do. Isn't this what they say multitasking is? Or is multitasking when you laugh, cough, sneeze, fart and pee all at the same time? I will say that since having babies it happens! Now come on, you know its true!

I did manage to get one thing done though and that is my upside down tree for Valentines Day! I was really thinking of skipping decorating for this but then with my basement and it's sudden illness I realized there was no where to put it. So I grabbed my bins and started decorating. I will say what a bitch it was because most of my lights had either burned out completely or several within a strand. So after I restrung the dam thing it now looks like this..........

I so need a different camera. The pictures don't do it justice. Really it is pretty cool in person!

And who doesn't need a few lips hanging from the light fixture? Why not!

Well I'm off to cram for my book club tomorrow. I feel like I'm in school cramming for the big test. I'm reading House Rules by Jodi Picoult. She is a wonderful author. I have read many of her books and loved them all.

Friday, January 14, 2011

So, the other day...........

I popped 3 ibuprofen and a whole pot of coffee! I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck! Drugs and coffee were no match for the doozy of a headache I had developed. The reason I'm sure is because I slept on my daughter's rock hard mattress. I swear it's like sleeping on a cold slab of granite and I don't recommend it! I remember when I went to Lebeda Mattress to buy a new mattress and the sales guy recommended a firmer mattress because she is so young and that she is still growing. He asked if I would like to test out the mattress first and I'm sure I looked at him like he was crazy and pretty much said, "That's a no can do!" I mean who knows how many people have actually laid on that mattress and don't even get me started on the possibility of lice. I did manage to do a sit test and it seemed fine plus I was in a hurry. So, voila, sold to the busty red head in the back! I'll bet he laughed as I walked out the door thinking what an idiot, with a capital "I"!

Now back to my story. Remember when I told you that my daughter's nickname is Sybil (well only between my husband and I) Yes, we believe she has many personalities and it's hard to say which one she is going to be when she wakes up or goes to bed. And don't ask us about the ones in-between!

Well wouldn't you know one of the many personalities came out and this one was the "I'm so weepy tired I can't sleep alone, I'm afraid a witch is going to get me!" Oh honey the only witch around here is me and I'd be careful because this witch is about to turn into a bitch!

Now I know I will not be up for any "Mom of the Year" awards because I'm pretty sure putting my 6 year old to bed at 10:00 means I've failed! Fine, I can accept that. I've never been anything but honest about my mothering skills and most of the time I'm just flying by the seat of my pants, can you tell?

As we were dealing with Claire and her mood it finally hit me that holy hell James has homework. My son acts like he just remembered he had any and said, "I need to call someone for the assignment!" I'm not sure who freaked more, me or my husband. Bloody hell kid! In the time I was gone at gymnastics you could have called your whole class twice, for the questions. But no, instead he felt the need to check out pictures of "buff squirrels" on the computer!

Did any of you know there was such a thing? No, only 11 year old boys know this shit!

After lots of crying and I'm pretty sure at that time all of us were crying, we just told him he needed to deal with the wrath from his teacher. We did assure him that any wrath he got from them was in no way like the one he got from us! As we were again trying to calm Claire and even persuade James to have Claire crawl in bed with him because after everything that went down, of course he was going to do anything we asked at that time. But no, he didn't want Claire in his room and he said, "I just want a normal childhood!" I think my husband about went through the roof on that one! He grabbed Claire and said, "come on sweetie, hop into bed with us!" Whoa, wait a minute don't I get a say in this? Apparently not! and that is why I was forced to sleep on the cold hard slab!

What's normal anymore? This all seems pretty normal to us, but I'm not sure how much more my back can take!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Help! My basement threw up on itself!

Warning: The pictures you are about to see might alarm, astound, daunt, agitate, horrify, repel, startle, terrify and even curdle your blood. If you have high blood pressure, heart disease or any heart condition please take caution when viewing these and enter at your own risk. If you have been consuming alcohol it might make looking at these pictures much easier to digest! This room contains excessive holiday decor that will make you all thankful for not having this shit to deal with. Don't say I didn't warn you? Please, if you are from TLC, this is not a request to be on your show Hoarders! (I think my husband might be in favor of it!)

Really people this is actually organized chaos! Oh hell, who am I kidding. I started off great and only brought a few bins upstairs and then back down again. Then it got to a point where I couldn't look at one more Christmas decoration so I just ran it down the steps. One thing I did learn from my 37th trip up and down the stairs is that I am seriously out of shape. I could use my treadmill, but unfortunately I can't find it! Yep, it's currently buried under all this crap. I guess that should be the number 1 reason to get all this organized, you think?

So who wants to go shopping in my basement? I've always said, "Everything has a price!"

I should also let you know that since these pictures were taken, more has been added to the dump. Ok, maybe I do need an intervention. Maybe not Hoarders because it's not random crap, just Christmas and a lot of it! Every year the process of getting all this out makes me crazy. Then I enjoy it until it is time to take it down again. I think I just need Julie Morgenstern the professional organizer (maybe she will find out I'm plugging her and come knocking on my door). She has been on Oprah and Nate Berkus and she is great!

Since I doubt that is actually going to happen I am just going to remove myself from the situation. Does anyone have a room I can rent? Wrong approach I know. Since I live here and it is my shit I better tackle it. What I mean is, I am going to pretend I am the professional organizer and this house ( I think I'll name her Sybil, she truly has multiple personalities, kind of like my daughter, but that is another post) is my client! So this is going to be a challenge. A huge challenge I might add but I think I can do it. I will set a goal that by next Wednesday I will post these pictures and their after and let you know how organized I can be.

I cannot let you all think I live like a pig (I know, I have before). I just wanted you to know I do have some clean rooms to what might seem like a complete hell hole of a house and that is my living room. I have rearranged it for like the 73 time in two days. I just purchased a buffet at an antique store that was about 150.00 and I love the green. I'm up for ideas for the mantle and I am so sick of my pictures at the sides of my mom's pie safe. Ideas?

This sign is in Gaelic and means "100,000 welcomes" . This was found in an Irish Pub. I thought it might work above the green buffet but the greens are not the same. Still not sure where it should go.

This Paris mirror I would like to incorporate it in somewhere but how many mirrors can you have in one room?

Oh and it looks like I've be massacring some pigeons in the kitchen, but I promise I haven't! I was just taking down the feather boa from the lighting in the kitchen. Please stop me from doing that again. They are everywhere, my hair, my clothes my mouth. I'm done!

Well I'd love any suggestions for the Living Room you might have. Ok, fine, whatever you want to say about the Hell Hole I can take them too!

No Phone Call Is Worth It!