Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crazy about Stripes!

I've been seeing a lot of stripes lately and I'm loving them! Stripes are all over the fashion scene. I use to steer clear of stripes before I lost 60lbs. No way on God's green earth was was I interested in drawing any more attention to my large chest, then with horizontal stripes hitting people in the face as I walked in a room!

Now when I see stripes I run...towards them!

I can't say I ever liked Michelle Williams in Dawson's Creek but she sure has become a great actress and is so darling here with her short crop and outfit! She is wearing Jason Wu's collection from Target. I ran to that large red bulls eye but no luck! It was all sold out! It must have been some really good stuff!

I'd like to thank you for all the kind words and prayers regarding the passing of my grandfather. The funeral was very lovely and the time with relatives was priceless!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saying Goodbye!

I've been a little MIA for a while. I guess that's what life and kids do to you! I've just had a lot on my plate and didn't really feel the need to lay it all out here. Then life hit us again and we lost my grandfather yesterday. He would have been 98 in April. Amazing isn't it? I guess it's in the genes so I'll be living for quite a while, wow! A week ago He had taken a fall and broken his hip. He had surgery and things seemed to go smoothly, until he got pneumonia. My father said that when he took his last breath he looked like a young man. He seemed so peaceful and happy!

It's strange that not too long ago I was worried about GFC and losing all my followers. I was so consumed and worried that I would be forgotten. Funny how none of that seems to matter anymore!

Some of you may remember I went to visit family in January. I am so glad I did. I got to see my grandfather for the last time. Claire came with me so she was able to visit with her great grandfather. I am thrilled that I remembered to take pictures. He enjoyed our visit and was so tickled to meet his newest great grandchild Wyatt. He just beamed when he saw him.

I seem to always be the one behind the camera. Well at least there are pictures then. One of our many Italian family dinners; with of course red wine and lots of it!

A couple of years ago my father and grandfather took a road trip here to Iowa to visit us. The kids really enjoyed having both grandfathers to themselves and not having to share with the cousins.

What a trooper Gramps was when Claire asked if she could paint his nails!

My grandfather was really enjoying Claire's guitar one evening, he was contemplating going on the road with it! Claire said, "No way GG!" She didn't like the idea of him taking her guitar!

Oh such wonderful memories! I'm so glad I took as many pictures so the kids can look back and remember a great man!

We will miss you Gramps! You are now home in Heaven with Grandma. Tell both Grandma and Mom hi for me!

We love you!

No Phone Call Is Worth It!