Monday, November 28, 2011

It's time to introduce you to...........

My permanent house-guests! So you might remember me telling you about my husband's trip to Africa a couple years ago. Well, he brought a couple of stragglers with him and to my chagrin, they are here to stay!

If I had to pick a favorite in the whole bunch, because yes there are a whole bunch here folks. I guess this one would be mine. The colors are very pretty and well, if I have to have one hanging above the mantle this guy will do!

This fella is ginormous (quoting my daughter here)! He is currently hanging in the basement. I just don't think he can stay there though.
I mean, Yes, he will stay in the basement because, Hell no is he going up to the main floor. He just sticks out too far. I'm afraid he is going to knock someone out soon and I'm worried that someone will be me!

Now this one is up in my husband's den. It seems to fit the wall quite nicely.

This one is on the opposite side. Please ignore the wall, I ran out of paint to finish and we needed to get this creature up on the wall!

This guy believe it or not has a mate on the other side of the room. My husband and son went Boar hunting in Michigan last spring and these are what they brought back, yippee me! I think these are some of the ugliest creatures around!

This is Jacque and his friend (can't remember what my husband named it, because yes he named them all) is below! Guess where they are? You won't believe it but they are hanging in my Dining Room. I know, like WTFraggelrock? I had two sconces up and when Jim brought these creatures in he just marched right in there, took the sconces down and voila, my dining room is no longer pretty!

Can someone just shoot me and fast?

So there you have it folks. My house is infested and no exterminator can ever help get rid of them! Honey, at least let me put some Santa hats on these guys, please?

Well, I'm having my pity party now! So, any gifts to help ease my pain are appreciated! Ok, I'll even take kind words, just no more animals!

Sniff, sniff!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

29 Ways to Stay Creative!

I saw this, this morning and I think it is pure genius! Turn off my music at the bottom right before playing!


My favorite's are 22 and 25!

Enjoy your day! I'm off to be a little Creative, how about you?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Love this!

"You shouldn't compare yourself to others they are more screwed up than you think."

Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Devil of a Monster Mash!

Welcome to my home, won't you please come in? (my talented Devil of a husband made this amazing arch!)

Don't be afraid, I won't bite! Well maybe just a little!

Only a face a mother could love!

Ok, even Princess Leia loves that face! (Check out my laser gun, pretty awesome isn't it? I thought I should carry one, just in case anyone got out of hand!)

Care for a bite? Many yummy treats to satisfy your every craving!

Devils salsa and spider legs!

Won't you please try one of my yummy cockroaches?
(dates with cream cheese and nuts)

Maybe you would rather have some blood and bones! (Bread in the shape of bones and marinara sauce) (My wonderful friend did all the breads!)

Don't mind those pesky mice and spiders they just want a nibble! Here, try my slug guts (hummus) and crocodile bread!

Poor guy had a little too much ghost vomit! (dip)

I'm afraid someone's brains are being served tonight!
Watch out, it could be yours next year!
(I used a brain mold with cream of mush soup, crab meat, cream cheese and quite possibly a few fingers and toes to give it just the right flavor, Mwahahahahahahaha!)

Every type of costume was found here from Gangsters, cowboys and cowgirls, the walking dead, painters, vampires, super heroes, twister, gotta have a whoopee cushion at a party, to even a gorilla and his banana!

This was so disturbing, but so fantastic at the same time!

Just like the t-shirt says, "It is what it is!" It was like when you see a bad car crash, you don't want to look but can't help but stare at it!

(Swoon) Ahhhh, do you see him? Its Justin Bieber!

It's Salsa time, get ready to dance!

Morticia and Lurch!

These two were "Caught in the Wind!" I loved them! So creative!

The Walking Dead! Love the smirk!

The Whoopee Cushion even came with sound! Hmmm, wonder if anyone sat on it to hear it?

Oops, now how did that get in there?

Join me downstairs, won't you! You never know what creepy things you'll find!

Until next year my friends! I already have lots of ideas floating in my Head or should I say Headless Horseman's brains!


No Phone Call Is Worth It!