Monday, May 31, 2010

Candy Anyone?



You can never be too careful now, can you?
Have a Happy Day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Melt in your mouth Ribs!

So my sister Amy is here from California and has been a blessing during this difficult time. I can't even imagine not having her help, she has just been amazing! I told you all before what a fantastic cook she is. Well today our father is visiting from Nebraska so she is making ribs. They smell absolutely amazing! I feel so spoiled with her here. I can't imagine trying to do this without any help. My niece Vivienne is here too and she is absolutely adorable of course and is now walking! The kids are having so much fun with her but I think she has a crush on James. She constantly holds out her arms for him to pick her up!

Here is the heavenly smelling rib recipe

Amy didn't have 1 (28-ounce) can chunky tomato sauce, so she used a can of pizza sauce and a can of diced tomatoes with chili's. Finger's crossed, but Amy says the Martha in her says it will be t-riff!

I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend and someone is pampering you for a change!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Hey everyone! Yeh for for my sister's laptop! It's the only way I could be doing this. I am lying in bed with my leg up on two pillows and only getting up to use the bathroom and boy is that ever difficult!

Before I tell you about my surgery, I would like to thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement and prayers for my surgery. I am so glad it's finally over, for now that is! It was a very very long day yesterday. I checked into the hospital at 1:00 but probably didn't go into surgery until about 4:00. Surgery went ok but there happened to be something unexpected when the doctor got in there. The hard ball which we thought was the tendon coiled up was actually a tumor. Let's just say everyone was shocked to say the least. My doctor removed the tumor and then was able to fix the shredded tendon. I go in on Tuesday for my doctor to check it all out and by then the pathology report should be back. Our plan is to then get my beautiful cast put on!

I don't think anyone could have predicted this to go this way. I have faith that all will be fine and I will be on the road to recovery in no time! I guess if we can find a positive in this whole mess, it's that if I hadn't tripped over the dam dog, we would never have known about the tumor. So, I think my big fur bag deserves a big smooch!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and beautiful fun filled weekend! I will be lying in bed like the Queen I am, trying to forget all the pain I'm in and reading all of your blogs!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

100th Post = Surgery Day!

Never in a million years did I think that my 100th post would be about me going into surgery! Thank Heaven for my wonderful sister Amy and Vivienne who flew in last night to help with the kiddos! It turns out, that my husband is on call Friday through Monday for the Memorial Weekend, so I don't think we will see much of him. Today is the day for my tendon repair in my ankle. I will be checking in today at 1:00 and surgery will be around 3:00p.m. I am told I will be in a splint for a couple days and then a cast put on, on Monday!
I will have my sister update you on the details and hopefully if my husband remembers to bring the camera, then you might see a few pictures!

I imagine this is how I will look for the first few days!

I'm hoping my drive and not being able to sit still will have me up and looking like this in no time!

Wish me luck and patience in not having control around my house, ugh!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daily Affirmations!

Oops, sorry about hitting the publish button twice with nothing to publish! Let's start over!

I found this and I'm not even sure how but this is absolutely hilarious! This little girl has the right approach about life. We should all take some lessons from Jessica and do our daily affirmations! And as always stop the music at the bottom before playing video!

Maybe before we head out the door for work or play we should say things like: "I like my coffee, I like my outfit, I like my car, I like the air conditioning in my car, I like my job, I like my husband, sometimes, lol, I like my kids, depends on what day, lol!

Kids can do the affirmation dance too! They can say things like, "I like my oatmeal, I like my tennis shoes, I like my school, I like my teacher, I like my friends!

Hey I think I'm on a roll and I feel like doing the affirmation dance too! "I like my french pedicure, I like my dog, even though I tripped over him and have to have surgery, I like my iced coffee, I like my air conditioned house, I like my blogging buddies, I like my sister who is so wonderful, she is coming in special because of my surgery, I like my niece who is coming too and now walking,
I like my life!

Hope you enjoy this and maybe you will find yourself doing the affirmation dance too!

Monday, May 24, 2010

How Does your Garden Grow!

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?
With 4 extra hands and a few little paws
and a very patient man letting go!

My husband loves his garden but when the children and the dog insisted on helping I could see it in his face, "Really, do they have to?" He's a good sport and I think he liked the extra help after all!

I meant to show these a couple weeks ago but spaced it! Our garden is really taking off and I'm so excited because we have broccoli and that is my favorite. Also in a few weeks we will have strawberries! My husband made a raised strawberry patch and at night he has lights around it! I'll be sure to post when they are ready for picking!

Claire is my strong child, she basically threw the bag of soil over the fence!

I guess Jim's having them stomp big clumps of soil and hey, maybe this will pay off when they try out for grape stomping for wine making!

It makes me smile big to see my children working, ahhhh!

It seriously killed Theo our dog to not get in on the action!

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We Have A Winner!

Good morning and Happy Sunday to you all! Before we get started with the lucky winner, I would like to thank everyone who made doing my first giveaway a success! I am so excited to meet so many new followers. I feel that the giveaway was just a bonus! I can't wait for you all to follow me and my life, especially since I will be embarking on a journey I didn't expect. That journey is surgery and being in a cast for 8 weeks! Some of you know that I popped a tendon in my ankle and I need to go in and get it repaired as soon as possible. This will be a challenge since I need to learn how to use crutches. I won't let this get the best of me! Rest assured I will have my laptop with me and I will blog about my recovery every step of the way! I think the hardest thing will just be letting things go around the house and all the projects I had planned are not going to get done. What is it they say, "Good things come to those that wait". Anyhoo, I am excited that they are going to put a pink cast on me and I think I might have to do some bedazzling to jazz it up. Like anyone thought I'd have some boring white cast, I think not!

So without further ado and the help of:

Drum Roll Please........................the winner is #78
Erin from Little Apartment on the Prairie

Isn't she a cutie? If you haven't already, go check out her blog, you'll become a follower too!

This is Erin's Blog Header, I just love it!

Erin, I will be in touch with all the details!

Thanks again! Hmmmm, I might have to find another giveaway to do soon!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

People of Walmart ~ They Really Are Real!

Tell me sir, "What about the other 15%"? Were you trying for the mullet and you cut too much off?

I think this is a reminder to make sure you ask your friend if there is anything on your pants before you go into the store!

She is still trying to get that one NFL team to notice her!

Hamburglar, if you didn't want anyone to know you did it, then don't stand so close to the evidence!

So, do you think she's Team Jake on the front?

Hey Anna Kornikova wanna be, how about we leave the tennis outfits to the pros!

I would just like to say thank you for wearing a tail, so that just in case anyone missed seeing your ass hanging out, they now have no reason to!

I guess people will do anything to get attention!

Don't forget my Giveaway ends tonight at Midnight, CST

Friday, May 21, 2010

Saturday Night at the Roller Derby, really!

Some of you may remember my post last week about spraining my ankle in a Roller Derby accident. Well I was just teasing. I really just tripped over my furry friend named Theodore.

Well, in doing so I snapped a tendon in my ankle and will be having surgery next Thursday to repair it. So I am wearing this fun boot until then and after next week I may be in a cast, who knows. I may stick with telling people it was Roller Derby, it sounds a bit more interesting than, I tripped over the dam dog!

Ok, so after writing that post I was really jealous of all the pictures I had posted and I kept thinking how fun it would actually be to go to a Roller Derby event. I couldn't believe it when Missy from The Jensen's Crazee Life, sent me an e-mail telling me there was going to be a Roller Derby event at the HyVee Hall, in Des Moines that Saturday. I knew I had a lot of convincing to do to get my husband to go, but he finally agreed and I think he enjoyed himself!

Mid Iowa Rollers vs the Mahaska Mayhem

My husband took this trying to get the lights and the American Flag!

This is the announcement of each player!

This is what is called a Flat Track. There are very few banked tracks which is the oval slanted track.

This is Mizz Lolli Pop Ya

This is Wonton Hammer #6 w/Egg Roll

This guy with the red mohawk is the coach for the Mid Iowa Rollers

Notice their green fuzzy monster leg warmers!

My husband said he needed to document that I was really at the roller derby and snapped a picture of me enjoying a brewsky and sporting a koozie with the Mid Iowa Rollers logo on it!

I don't know if we will be regulars at the Roller Derby, but at least I can say I went to one and had fun!

Well, I'm off for a pre-op for my surgery! Have a great Friday and take it from me, don't trip over any furry friend, it's not fun!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Next American Idol!!

So I'm sitting at the computer checking a few blogs, when I hear a high pitched noise that I can only attribute to an animal in terrible pain! I run to the window to find out that Claire is singing her heart out and using a plastic spoon as her microphone! I begin to laugh hysterically at the same time checking to see if any neighbors are looking out their windows. I pray they don't call the animal control reporting that some wounded dog in the neighborhood needs help! I decided I needed to document this if she ever made it on American Idol or the Grammys. Then I thought, maybe if she only makes it as far as a one hit wonder like Tiffany, then these photos E News will need when they do their show, "Where are they Now!" I was able to snap a few before she seemed to notice. I loved all her poses and how she didn't have a care in the world if anyone was watching. That was until she saw Mom with the camera. Once she caught me the waterfalls began to flow and she ran away. I was able to coax her out of hiding and pretended that the pictures didn't come out at all!

Oops, my bad?

I know, I know it's a jungle out there! The lawn is in need of a good haircut! Does anyone know a good barber?

Here's to singing your heart out like no one's watching!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Heart Goodwill!

I seriously think I hit the jackpot! I am so excited at all the things I found at the Goodwill and one garage sale, that I couldn't resist sharing my fun treasures. I am like a kid in a candy store when I'm in there, I'm so giddy! So come with me and have a peek at my little gems!

I fell in love with the cover of this book and knew it would make a great addition to my coffee table! I hope to one day get to visit England, so I better read up on it! This was $3.00

My Pottery Barn like frames! $2.00 and $3.00

These 2 tables were $6.00 a piece and the blue clippy board was free, my sister got one too!

Goodwill table was $7.99. Even though Claire does not need another table it was in such great shape I couldn't pass it up!
I am thinking of painting it a funky green with polka dots and maybe Craig Listing it!

3 wire hurricane candle holders were $2.00 a piece and the shelf was $3.00

And the Pièce de Résistance!

I almost tripped a lady to get to this! I have been looking for a bench with storage for the laundry room I thought I could use it for the kids hats, gloves and scarves in the winter and beach towels, goggles and sun block in the summer. Ok now that you got a peek into my laundry, what color should I paint it?

I am so amazed at the huge response to my 1st my Giveaway, that I think I'm a little speechless! Well not really, I'm never speechless! please stop on over and get your name in. Winner will be picked on Sunday May 23rd!

No Phone Call Is Worth It!