Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun, Fabulous Finds!

As you all know I am pretty much isolated to the chair, the couch or the bed so I've been Internet shopping! Ok, not really but I have been Internet dreaming, wishing and drooling! Here are some fab things I have found ~

Dylan"s Candy Bar is a candy shop that the daughter of legendary fashion designer Ralph Lauren started. Check out this
bangle I love it!

I love the Keep Calm and Carry On saying but when I saw this I laughed and I now need to have one: Etsy Find: Keep Calm and Carry On Spoof calendar!

These are darling Leather message bracelets with phrases!

This website Three Potato Four is so fun! They have fun flea market type goodies!

I've always been a barbie fan, yes it's true! How cute is this pendant necklace?

I know it's summer, but I saw this and thought how fun this would be for my next winter accessory, plus some of you are just going into your winter season ~
The Fuzz Scarf!

This Starburst necklace just makes me happy!

I love HGTV Rate My Space. It's such a great place to get great ideas for any decor issue you might have! This I found when looking at garden ideas and it just blew me away ~ The Cranium Family!

Well I think I will save all my other fun finds for another post!


Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh sweetie I hope you are ok...Thank you so much for the lovely links and the necklace is so adorable!!!
Kisses and have a relaxing evening!

Debbie said...

Well it sounds like you are recovering accordingly!~ Both my boys have had casts and said how dreadful itchy and oh so smelly when they come!~ Sounds like you are getting some great inspiration. I was a long time RMSer....this is where all my blogging inspiration came from, all the friends I made on there encouraged me so...I have in turn, encouraged many other gals too....

Anonymous said...

nice post, it,...keep blogging...
P.S. Happy Blogging...

Julie-Ann said...

Thanks for the finds-I'm stuck on the couch too with a broken foot. I know what you mean by internet drooling lol

Sophie said...

i love it

please follow me

ill do the same!

Anonymous said...

Dylan's bangle is the bomb. Just looking at it makes me want a nibble...hope it's not toxic.
Wishing you a quick recovery!

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