Thursday, June 10, 2010

Goofy, random things about Moi!

1. I was a cheerleader in a Catholic High school. We were limited to what we could do, like pyramids. We made sure we perfected our splits though, and I was so flexible back then. I hope one day to get back down there!

2. I have a sock monkey named Lumpy that was my Mom's. I think it is over 70 years old now!

3. I have been coloring my hair since 7th grade. I was called Madonna forever. Come on, after all it was the 80's!

4. I am terrified of heights. Don't even think about taking me on a Ferris Wheel or a roller coaster!

5. Seriously, I'm not a huge animal lover, but somehow we still have a ton of animals. 2 dogs, 1 bearded dragon, 1 gecko, 1 newt, 1 hedgehog and 7 fish!

6. I went to my Senior prom by myself! I knew I would be my best date! I have to say, I looked hot!

7. My nickname growing up was "Megan-Magoo". I'm not sure why my Aunt would call me that. I wonder if I should have been offended by that, remember the little guy I'm talking about that couldn't see?

8. I come from an Italian, Irish family and we always have red wine at the table, but I can't drink it because I get migraines, bummer isn't it?

9. When I was younger, most people didn't even know I was another member of the family. There are 3 girls and a boy and I told my mom that for sure, I had to be adopted, because I had nothing in common with my siblings and never hung out with them or their friends! Jump ahead 20 years and never in a million would people think we weren't all related.

10. I did not get my driver's license until I was 19 years old.

11. I've been known as the Jane of all trades! I have had so many jobs in my lifetime and I wouldn't trade the experience of any of them for anything!
Here are some of the things I did: I babysat, cleaned an office building, cleaned homes, worked in a Greek restaurant, an antique store, a popcorn and candy store, a pizza restaurant as a take out girl, hostess and salad prep, a warehouse putting together floral arrangements, an insurance company, clothing store, gift ware store, hospital in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy as a tech, sports medicine as a tech, patient care technician (really just a glorified housekeeper) Dermatology office as a receptionist, and in their billing, temp jobs in various offices, Administrative Assistant in an Architectural Firm and then on to start my own cleaning business. After that I started my own decorating business for staging of homes to sell and just residential homes! Whew are you exhausted yet?

12. When I was a kid I was so shy, I wouldn't even go and ask for ketchup at McDonald's! Hard to believe isn't it?

13. At the age of 3 when we lived in Michigan my parents forgot me at a park! We were having a family reunion and my parents thought I was in the back seat. When my mother turned around and I wasn't there, she screamed. My father was sure I went with some relatives but Mom knew I wouldn't go with anyone else but my parents. They immediately drove back to the park and found me still swinging on the swings. I had no idea they had left and they didn't tell me about this until I was in high school!

14. I get car sick whenever I'm a passenger!

15. I have the goofiest loudest laugh! Sometimes I am the only one laughing in the movie theatre. I have had people wait after the movies because they knew I was there!

16. I drink my coffee out of a straw! I think I have asbestos mouth because its not hot to me. I can even drink it all day and even right before bed and I still sleep like a baby!

17. Feet seriously gross me out!

18. I was on the swim team as a kid and spent every single day at the pool. Now a days, I won't even get in a bathing suit or wear a pair of shorts, ever!

19. I love to do all the cutting in when we have a painting job. I would rather do that then the rolling! Anyone want to hire me?

20. Last but certainly not the least, I believe that everyone has a voice and an opinion and it is our duty to let it out! I am not one who is quiet about much. I am not an offensive person, but if I think something should be said I say it! You either love me or hate me, that's just how I roll!

As I have grown older I realize I am the only one that can truly accept me for me and I have to be the one who is ultimately happy, and happy I am !

I sure hope everyone is having a super duper day, no matter the weather! We are having severe thunder storms and from where I am sitting I can see the light post shaking rather violently. I'm just glad its not by my house!


Diana Mieczan said...

They forgot you ? Ohhh poor little thing! What a fun post...I love stuff like that:)
Kisses darling:)

Tayebug said...

I love your post. Isn't it crazy how many little idiosyncrasies we have! I find myself laughing at the movies when no else is too.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well honey I needed this post today. It was a fun post to read.
Hope your doing well and I miss coming by here.
Thanks for all the get well wishe

Love the Decor! said...

I love all these facts about you!!
My laugh is unique and contagious and is often what people compliment me on.

paige said...

great list! so fun getting to know you. you are a funny girl & made me smile this morning xo

Stephanie said...

This was a lot of fun! (and I would totally wait for you if I heard you laugh in the movie theater!) Thanks for sharing - such a cute post!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Learned some fun facts about you. I love anyone who is happy and loves to laugh. Thanks for the fun post. You put a smile on my face.
: )

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