Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mantle or Mental Help....Maybe a little bit of both!

Ok you Decorating Divas, I am bored lately with my decor and thought I would turn to all of you for some help! I have a couple ideas but not really thrilled with any, here goes.....

This is my mantle. Some of you have seen it before when I was talking about my purple paint. I thought with Spring here I should bring in some green. I do love how the purple and green look together but I played with a few things and I'm not quite sure about any of them. If you think I should do something different, I'm all ears!

Oh, and if you look to the upper left corner, I was playing with a new paint color. My husband said it looked like baby poop, so back to the paint store I go. I'm sure you are all thinking why I didn't just put the paint sample up there, yay, I don't work that way. I like to do things the hard way! Call me crazy, its been said before!

Great yellow phallic symbol, lol, just wanted to see if you were all paying attention. I got it at Tuesday Morning forever ago for like $10.00. I just loved the color!

These little black and cream striped pots I got in Duluth Minnesota at a fantastic shop. I think it was called Willow Creek. I just put green viney balls on top.

These metal garden statues I stuffed with moss covered faux rocks and another moss ball at the bottom. Not sure if I should paint the metal black or maybe cream, any ideas?

Moving on, this was my mother's pie safe and I painted it black and put crown knobs on it. The chair pics I painted black and roughed up the sides, before they were a matted silver. The painting is from a local painter and I just loved it. I joke that it is really a self portrait of me but with black hair!

I love this cement head! I put a crown and flower for Spring. I usually put a hat for the different seasons on her! Not sure if shes doing anything for me there.

I thought I'd bring the phallic symbol over to my gal and see if she liked it, but I don't get the feeling shes feeling it!

Ok, ladies I'm still listening for any and all suggestions!

On to my kitchen table....are we having fun yet?

Now I know some people are not into faux flowers but I thought these looked pretty real. I think the biggest mistake that people make is not playing with the arrangement. When I bought it at Tuesday Morning on clearance, they were sticking straight up. I bent them to look like a real tulip and painted the vase black because it was a muted taupe, yuck!

This urn I got at an antique shop for $5.00. It is heavy! I put in some fun artichokes.
Anything saying a definite yes to any of you?

Look at my Goodwill find today, just $9.99! Should I paint it black?

I have been working on painting my dining room table. I didn't realize how long of a process it is, but so far I like the results. I think it still needs about 2 more coats. I just thought you should see the before with all the details and now you can see what I've been working on! This is the urn I showed you on the kitchen table. How does it look here? Oh, and I changed the picture on the wall to the left and hung 3 pencil sketches.

Sorry about that flash ladies. I have 6 chairs that still need painted. I dread doing it but I know I will love it when its all finished. I think I will be taking 1 outside at a time and paint on the deck, so I can enjoy the weather.

So, you remember that song, "Should I stay or should I go now? Well, should the flowers stay or go? I got this metal bucket from where else, the GW. Love the green!

This is my little spot where I drink my coffee and visit with all of you! Wow, didn't really notice the cords before now. I guess that needs a little help.
As you can see I love crowns, and as my daughter says, "Mom, you are the Queen and I am the princess!"

So I am a goof and I love to paint and repaint. I got this star at a store for a steal. I got it for $7.00 because someone had put it together wrong. When I got it home I decided to paint it red with lime green polka dots. I had my hubby hang it in the entry, because I needed something big for the space. My hubby had me promise that I wouldn't change my mind and need it taken down, because it was a bitch to get up there. Well, spring is here so it was calling out to me to do a make-over. Lets just say, there were not many nice words said when my poor hubby had to rehang it. I think I need to leave it for a while, but hey Claire loves it and shows it to everyone when they come in!

Well, I think it goes well with my upside down tree. I still need to take down the Easter decorations and put my tropical ornaments on it. When that happens I will post pictures of it!

Ok ladies, I'm all ears. I'd love to hear what great ideas you have for me. Its time to spruce up the Queen's Den!


Stephanie said...

OK, for what it's worth, my two cents: The last one for the mantel, the first one with the cement head for the pie safe, the tulips for the tile table, definitely paint out your FAB find, love the dining table WITH the white flowers (though I know it is a pain to move them all the time when you set the table), LOVE your corner of the world, and I think that covers it, no? I know whatever you decide will be fabulous!

Mandi said...

Okay, so, I am loving your house. I believe we might have the same mirror (the one above the mantle). . . Target?

I thought your tulips were real. I was wowed by them. Also, I love love those artichokes. So awesome-- so unique. They must stay out for all to see. And the white flowers. . . swoon. It's like it's straight out of a BH&G spring decorating picture. Those should be used too. :)

Living It At Home said...

It was so great to see everything you are working on. I think for the mantel I like the second picture. Third is the runner up.

For over the cabinet, I like the picture with the yellow "thing-y"!

For your table, I like the flowers. Great job making them real. I always try and stay away from fake but you changed that!

I really like what you did with your dinning room table. The black looks perfect!

Thanks for the tour!

Kerry said...

I'm gobsmacked and don't know where to start! Love your house. I don't have a mantel and it drives me crazy that I don't. I like the 3rd image for that...beautifully balanced but with a bit of interest. Pie safe is brill...perhaps a bit more colour on the top...the pink flower is doing it for me but maybe a bit more? Love your work space...you're a clever thing...don't think you need much help at all really! But I did love you sharing it.

chair up said...

I popped over here to say that I followed a link you put on your comment to "The Stories of A 2 Z" blog and to thank you for it as I love the blog "Design Intervention" and am now following it, and I find myself here, adoring your home and wanting to read through all of your posts. Following you for sure! Love all the decor items you have. I think we have some similar tastes in decor:o)

the vintage wren said...

Here goes, because I am so symmetrical I love the third photo for your mantle. I like the cement head atop the pie safe, as it doesn't take away any attention from your lady perched there. I LOVE the urn filled with artichokes, it's nice, and definitely leave the flowers on the dining room table, they are gorgeous. Seeing that I am a fan of black furniture, I think the little goodwill table would look great in it. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us. Take Care, Carrie

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

my favorite manle picture was #2.
I was just freaking out over those beautiful tulips, I thought they were real too.
I love your goodwill find, and YES I think black would be great.
Cant wait to see all of your projects complete.
Have a great day!

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