Friday, April 16, 2010

Laughter, Isn't It The Best Medicine?

My poor Claire is home today with a fever and a body rash, so since I was needing a good laugh, I thought I would pass it on to all of you!

Revenge is Sweet!

Golf for Beginners!

A Jolly Good Recovery!

How Men Screw Up Romance!

This Is The House Across The Street From Us! Gotcha!

If I Have To Exercise, I Might As Well Enjoy It!

Who You Looking At?

Take a little time to enjoy the view!
Have a great Friday!


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

These are terrific, thanks for sharing :)

I'll post pics of my frames soon...

Have a great weekend, I hope your sweet girl feels better soon.


Kerry said...

That bus one is an absolute cracker! Weekend here already and I'm off on a road trip..wish I could do it in that bus! Enjoy yours...weekend that is, not bus! And I do hope that your girl feels much better very soon.

Lorie said...

That is funny. Especially the guy on the bus!

Living It At Home said...

Love that last picture. Hope little one gets well soon. Hang in there!

Sandra said...

You are hilarious! (I was looking at some older posts too). Thanks for stopping by sawdust today. If your daughter wants a playhouse...let's far is Iowa from Illinois? Thanks for the sweet comments.

Katrina Chambers said...

hahahahaha!!!!!!! You are a crack up!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

lol laughter is really good medicine.

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