Monday, April 5, 2010

Candy + Children = Craziness!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! My sister and Vivienne needed to leave for the airport in the early afternoon on Sunday, so we just had time for Easter baskets. We didn't have the traditional Easter Ham because of our day cut short so on Saturday we had Easter sushi. I bet no one did that for Easter? I think that might be our new Easter tradition! The kids were so excited to check out their Easter baskets! Claire squealed because she got a new Bratz Doll and books! James was excited because he got a new bike! No pictures yet, my husband just ordered it!

The kids asked if they could eat a chocolate bunny and I said just one since they hadn't eaten breakfast yet. Do you know what you get when you give kids chocolate at 8 in the morning? This is what you get.....

You would have thought that I had given Claire crack, because that is seriously what chocolate is like to her. Not that I know first hand anything about crack but she was bouncing off the walls! Thank God we have a trampoline because I told her she needed to go outside and bounce off all her energy, and mommy needs more coffee!

After Vivienne had a nap we packed up my sister's things and headed for the airport. The traffic was a little crazy and Claire was non stop chatty Cathy! She was playing that game when you yell out, "slug bug!", except she was yelling, "yellow car, yellow car!" Then she was singing a song. You know the kind, just putting words together to make a song but doesn't make any sense at all, and you wish you could pull your hair out to make her stop! My sister and I kept looking at each other. She said, " Is it the chocolate?" I shook my head yes. Then, Claire wanted me to keep turning around and watching her but I was driving so I said, "Honey, mommy can't keep turning to watch you because it isn't safe." I said to Claire, "Lets play a game of who can be quiet the longest, remember no talking!" That lasted all of 20 seconds, maybe. She decided to read Vivienne a book and then that was done. Now mind you we were driving to the airport which takes 45 minutes and I think everything she did took about 7 minutes!

If you can't tell already, the trampoline didn't help! My sister then took a magazine out of her bag and threw it to Claire. I think it was the Us Weekly. Ooh, that's great reading material for a 5 year old! She told her to count all the pretty girls and look at all the pretty dresses. Amy and I knew we only had a short time left to talk so we begged Claire to be quiet.
Again chocolate + Claire = Freak! Claire was good for a while and pointed out all her rainbow words in the magazine.
All of a sudden she was sounding out a word. She said, "Tttt, iii, ttt!"
I said, "What!" she said mom it says, "Tits!" Oh, dear God please tell me no! She has to be confused, right? Well, Claire just repeats it about 8 more times, "Tits, tits, tits, tits, tits, tits, tits, tits!" My sister is laughing hysterically and I am trying to focus on the road but am gasping at what I am hearing from the back seat. I told my sister, "You know, tits will be Vivienne's 1st word, don't you?"

Still laughing we managed to get to the airport and get my sister and Viv checked in. I hate that you can't walk up and wait for the airplane to take off anymore. My sister's stay was much too short and I miss her already! Claire and I left the airport only for me to go through the same ordeal again with Claire. I said to myself, "Thank God the day is almost over, she will crash soon and sleep will help!"

Oh, and I am hiding her Easter basket!

Happy Monday!


Mandi said...

OH Em Gee! I hate the "T" word as we call it in this house! LOL. Glad you had an awesome Easter.

Jenglamgirl said...

TO FUNNY!!! T..'s... babies first word, OH' NO! The holidays are hard to keep the kids out of their goodies. Only on holidays right? I don't know what I would do if my sister had to catch a plane to see me or me see her. We see eachother at least once a week. I wish I could see my mom more, but she works alot. When I do get to be with my mom, its the best day ever. Hope you have a great week, ;) Jenn

Kate said...

Good Morning Megan,
What a truly entertaining post from you! So very happy to hear that you and your had a wonderful Easter visit with your sister and Viv.

My nephew who is three had too much candy and was beating all of my kids with a plastic bat. It was funny to watch a three year old do that to my sons who are 17 and 22. LOL

Have a wonderful Monday!!!


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Too funny! Luke was on a sugar high by 615 yesterday morning. It was insane.

Looks like your kids got the exact kind of cotton candy I got mine. They loved it!!

Sounds like you had a great time!!! Your niece is such a doll!!

Janean said...

my Q: did Claire sleep or was she hyped for 24 hours? LOL. yeah, hide the basket! hahah.

Sarah Maizes said...

Happy Easter to you too! Love the "tits" story! OMG - hilarious!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I had three kids on Easter chocolate crack in the car for a 5 hour drive home from the holiday! So I can relate :) Funny story

Katie said...

Sushi for Easter...Love it!! ;;)

Terra said...

To avoid the chocolate/crack reaction we always insisted our children eat a hard boiled Easter egg for breakfast, before any candy sampling :)

June said...

Megan you made me laugh!!! I think your Easter sounded like it ended up to be a real special day.
I always act crazy after chocolate at eight in the morning and I hate to admit it is my drug of choice, that and coca cola.

House of Smith's said...

Cute pictures!

And YES! We are bargain chicks for SURE. I told Cason if we ever got rich enough to actually BUY new furniture (fat chance) then I would be out of a hobby/craft. haha.

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