Monday, March 29, 2010

My Son the Hypochondriac!

Ok, I love my son but he is a freak!

See what I mean! Now how did this get in there? This was James as a gargoyle last year for Halloween!

What, where did this come from? This was James as the Joker this past Halloween!

I digress! What I mean is James thinks that every bump, bruise, mark, sore, itch, scrap, and tingle means he has some disease and he will probably need a shot and then die! Why, I have no idea! This past weekend he asked my husband what a colostomy was and what were the reasons a person might get one. Thank God my husband is a doctor. I would never know how to answer half of my sons questions! And let me tell you, my son asks a million questions about the human body. Sometimes my husband will forget who he is talking to when he describes a procedure so I do have to remind him to use layman's terms. Jim explained a few things and then he and I went back to cleaning the garage but not before James asked if he would ever have to have a colostomy. Jim said, "Honey as far as I can tell, I don't see why you would need one right now." James said, "whew good" and off he went with Claire on the trampoline. And we went back to cleaning where we spent most of our weekend and two trips to the Good Will! Wow, what a feeling to get rid of crap!

James did come back and ask a few more questions but I didn't really hear the details so no biggy! Later that day James went over to a friends house and we had Claire and ooooh, Kids Choice Awards! I cannot believe I had to sit through that, yuck! I could feel my brain just oozing out of my head just like that slime! James came back home around 10:30. I was reading in bed when I heard him come in. He asked my husband for a snack and they chatted for a few minutes and off to bed he went!

Flash forward ahead 3 hours and James is standing at "MY" side of the bed, crying! He is confessing that the reason he asked his Dad about the colostomy was because he thinks he needs one! He says, "I haven't pooped for 2 days!" In between muffled cries, he says, "I think I'm going to die! Wake up Jim your son needs you! You know being woken up like that is not good for the heart! We had a tough time calming the kid down but eventually we did! Jim explained that it is completely normal to not poop for two days and he should drink more water and eat some more fruit the next day. I gave James a hug and wished him good night as my husband took him upstairs. The last words I heard before going to bed, "Again", were "Dad, how many times do you poop a day?"

Never a dull moment around here, now I can't wait for him to ask me how many times I poop a day!

Happy Monday everyone! Do you know how many times you poop a day? Ha!


Mandi said...

Aw poor kid! Does it help if I'm kinda the same way, too?

Thanks for letting me copy you -- you're so sweet!

ArizonaLewis said...

are you really asking? because you know i'll answer.
my husband says i'm a 14 year old boy at heart.
and to that i say- thank you.
ps- 2-3 times.

Kate said...

Oh Megan I wish I could give you the biggest HUG ever. This was the perfect starting point of my day:) My hubby has a bit of James in him, earlier this year his little toe was infected due to a cut and he was sure it would need amputation. Gotta love em!!! Really your blog is so very heart warming. Have a wonderful day my sweet friend.

Love Kate

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Oh my gosh, this is so cute. And so typical of a kid. Sounds like my Grace...always asking us something!!

Jenglamgirl said...

Curious kid is all! TO FUNNY! at least he is aware of his body and has concerns! Love him as the joker to cool! Thanks for the chuckle. Jenn

Stephanie said...

Oh, poor baby! (this was such a cute story though!) I think the way they advertise for drugs and treatments right now is a little scary to a child! (who am I kidding? It's scary for an adult to hear all these side effects! Once when I was laid up for a couple of weeks with pneumonia, every commercial would set me off. Eventually, my friend told me if I kept watching those ads, eventually I would think I had ED! oops!) Have a great day!

Jeanne said...

You absolutely crack me up Megan....scroll down to the bottom of my blog and watch the film clip for the movie 'The Switch' with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. The little boy is my Claire all over and your James sounds just like him...Poor little thing. I have three children who have the same complex is what I love about them. The fourth is in the Military so he is ready for anything but there was a time when he was just the same. I can tell your James has personality and will be anything but dull when he grows up. His teenage years will be most intriguing....especially his girlfriends and on that note I wish you a good evening:)

Katie said...

WoW! Great Costumes!!!

Love your prior post too of the Goodwill Finds!!! Great Bargain ~

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Ha ha too funny. I think I'm a bit like James. I've gotten better, but for a while webmd was my best friend and worst nightmare I was constantly giving myself diseases!

Love those cups you picked out from Goodwill! Amazing!

Julie Johnson said...

You are too funny!

Thanks for your sweet comments about my paintings!

Mary Ellen said...

What a great story... Thanks for the giggle! I just found your blog today... I'll be following!

Anonymous said...

Haha this was me when I was little and I'm sure my parents were thrilled with me! If it helps, I have grown out of it. Mostly. At least now I keep it in my head at least :)

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