Thursday, March 11, 2010

I didn't win!

Whew, I'm exhausted! Why is it that every morning it feels like I just ran a marathon but never win? I feel wiped and its only eight in the morning! I have great plans of how each morning will start out but something always just blows up, not figuratively except maybe my voice. My kids take the bus every morning even though I could take them. For me its the principle, they need to learn responsibility and time management. James is 10 and knows how to tell time and when the bus will hit our street, but it is still a scramble to get everything he needs to get out the door. James is like me, he likes to stay up and read at night but then is kind of a bear in the morning. I tell him how great it is that he is enjoying his book but, that he will be crabby in the morning. James says, "Mom I promise just one more page, and honest I will get up the minute you wake me in the morning, really!" I give him that raised eyebrow that says, "Yah, right, I've heard that before!" I have to yell at him 2 more times to turn the light off, so you can imagine how the beast will be in the morning, can't you? I make him pack his bag the night before but for some reason there is always something last minute he has to grab.

Claire is 5 and a little fashionista. We can plan her outfit the night before so it will be easier to just jump out of bed and get dressed but for some reason she doesn't like the outfit the next morning. Awwwwww, I don't even want to imagine how it will be when she gets older. She insists on wearing tights but doesn't like the crotch, but yet has to wear them, ugh! Then she doesn't like her boots and her hair isn't "perfect" and on and on and on. Seriously folks I don't care if she goes to school in her pj's, just as long as she gets the hell out of here and I can get to my coffee! I love her, I do, but honey no one cares if one hair is sticking up, really! Now I'm sure if my husband were home he would say it would go smoother and they would not disagree with him like they do me. Sorry but it sucks, I think he may be right! Does anyone else have bad mornings continually?

I'm seriously going to pull my hair out!

Oh and then its my fault if my son forgets something at home that he needed for that day and calls me to bring it to him. I just wish he would understand how lucky he is that I can do that. I mean now I have to stop everything that I am doing (which is really nothing too much except reading all of your lovely blogs and finishing my third cup of coffee) because he knew he needed that blond wig for a skit but somehow I didn't remind him! That was on Friday and apparently he called and I didn't hear the phone so he wasn't happy when he finally got a hold of me, I guess I was suppose to be sitting by the phone in case such a crisis should arise!

Oh, and thank God they serve breakfast at school! My daughter eats at school several days of the week, because by the time she has finally figured out what she is wearing, she barely has enough time to grab her coat and fly out the door. Don't even get me started on the brushing of the teeth. I am awful, but I keep mint gum in the front hall table and make her chew a little and spit it out just so she doesn't blow everyone away when she gets there. Please don't tell anyone my secret! :)

Well, I probably won't get Mother of the Year award or even runner up, but I sure wish with all the running I am doing I was loosing weight! Does anyone have any tips on at least getting to that finish line and feeling a little sense of accomplishment?


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Oh yes, we love school day mornings at our house, too :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

Thank goodness my kids are "morning people". I have bad afternoons and bad bedtimes, but pretty good mornings.

As far as Goodreads goes, I have 4 pages of books I've read since I started it awhile ago. As you add more, then more pages will show up on your widget. If you want to add books to your "to read" list, just search the title and click on it. It will give you the chance to click "read", "currently reading", or "wish list". They won't show up on the widget, but people can see them if they click on it and get sent your your Goodreads page.

I was taking up too much space doing book reviews on my blog and still wanted to record them somehow for those people that were interested. I'm liking it so far. :)

Jeanne said...

Absolutely none Megan but don't fear, you are not alone. Four kids and my youngest is 10. The oldest is nearly 21 and I have had so many mornings like this and still do. My Claire wanted to be a boy when she was 5 and did for many years. She wore board shorts under her Confirmation dress...white ones...dear oh dear, the things we do for love! Great post...I laughed and laughed!
Jeanne :)

missy said...

I have to son forgets something EVERY day and yes I have to find a way to get it to him!!!!! the girls are up and at 'em.
Yes please everybody get going I need my diet pepsi!!!!! :)
great post!!!!!

Becolorful said...

I just this year became an empty nester and although I have moments when I read some of the blogs of younger moms and they show these cute photos of great moments with their kids that I feel a tug at my heart and wonder where the time went I am glad to have lived every moment but I am also happy to be where I am.. Just this week like on a Tuesday my hubby and I decided to sleep in a bit later and then went out for breakfast before starting our work days. We laughed and said one thing we don't miss is the panicky chaos that were our mornings for so many years. Then I know I am living the dream. Your dream will come too. Hang in there.

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