Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Lemonade Blogs!

Have you seen the latest? Well it's this cool thing from The Lemonade Blogs! It's a way of promoting your blog and meeting some other cool bloggers by way of a Lemonade stand! How fun. I feel like a kid again!

If you don't know Vic already from Freckles and Fudge she is awesome and the creator of this. So after you head on over and create your own Lemonade stand go say hi to Vic and tell her I sent you!

Now look how cute she made me! Want some beer? Oops I mean lemonade! Ok, so maybe it's not your tradition lemonade stand. This was a picture from our trip to California this past summer and we had gone hiking. Well for me it was more like hobbling with my boot and my bum ankle. I deserved a cold one! Boy it sure hit the spot!

Now what are you waiting for? Click on "The Lemonade Blogs" and you can have one too!


Jamie Rubeis said...

Awww! C-UTE Lemonade stand.

Stephanie said...


Simplegirl said...

This is very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Vic said...

you r by far the cutest:) xo thanx i love it

Andrea said...

What a cute idea!!!!

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