Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Insert Foot Here!

So we were sitting in the bleachers at my son's school band/music concert last week, and I kinda had a very loud oops moment!

Just recently my son switched from playing Alto Sax to playing the Baritone Sax. We hadn't had the opportunity until then to see him play the thing or even carry it for that matter. His teacher doesn't want him to bring it back and forth because of how heavy and expensive it is. By the looks of it, I could understand her logic!

The concert itself went off without a hitch. Well lets just say it was as good as a 5th grade band concert could be. As James was walking off stage a friend's husband who was sitting close by said, "Wow, I'm impressed, that thing sure looks heavy for James to carry!" I then rather loudly said, "Yeah, did you see his strap on!"

I of course was referring to this, but by that time there was no back pedaling that would help me get out of this situation, and all eyes were on me!

Then my friend's husband said, "Well at least he's a boy!". I'm not sure if that helped any.

Hey it was getting a little boring in there and I just thought I would spice things up, no not really. I think its called, think before you speak! I'm still learning!

I wonder if I will ever sit through something without having to open mouth and insert foot. Doubtful, very doubtful. Where would the fun be in that!


two birds said...

i love this! i am constantly putting my foot in my mouth, so i can relate!! too funny!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Megan... HILARIOUS!!!!!
Isn't it funny how you can say something... and the very second you say it... you just know. WHY DID THAT COME OUT OF MY MOUTH!
Have a pretty day!

I'm Just a Girl said...

Bahahahaha. You're too funny. I found you on Bloggy moms. Please check out my blog sometime. http://imjustagirl86.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

If I were you, the moment that those words came out of my mouth the room would have went silent and everyone would have gasped. I think that we have all been in your shoes.

Privet and Holly said...

My son is in 6th
grade and he plays
the trumpet, so we
have been to a lot
of concerts....with
another coming up
in a few weeks : )
As far as bloopers,
sometimes all you
can do is laugh!
xx Suzanne

June said...

Oh I feel your pain on inserting foot. I do it so much, everybody I know just expects it out of me.
sending hugs...

Anonymous said...

My friend recently made a similar oops. She was at a kids restaurant and her son wanted to go into the ball pit. She wasn't sure how clean it was so she asked one of the men working there, "How often do you clean your balls." - Enough said.


Beatnheart said...

sorry, I’m lost...guess it’s cause my foot is in my front brain lob.

Nicole J said...

Haha that is something I would do. I never think before I speak and it usually turns into a huge joke with everyone laughing at me. You're not alone mama :)

Mrs. Tuna said...

Fortunately, when Sheldon played the cello they came in graduated sizes. I did however have to but a bigger truck to fit the stinking thing.

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