Sunday, April 10, 2011

I've done it ~ I've turned into my Grandparents!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you went to your grandparents house or some other older relatives house and you were forced to sit on the plastic lined couch? While you were sitting there you were sweltering in 85 degree temperature because they didn't believe in turning on air, all the while sipping warm root beer out of a plastic cup, while the sweat was pooling underneath you? Ok, maybe that was just my nightmare, but it really happened!

Well I swore I would never ever do what my grandparents did. Putting plastic on my couch, as if! Unfortunately, I have succumbed to exactly this. I too have put plastic on my couches just like they had! Yes you heard correctly, PLASTIC! I wonder if it's too late for therapy?

This so is how we looked, except it was three girls!

In my next life I will never ever buy a cream sofa, ever! I'm not too sure what I was thinking when we purchased it, except I was six months pregnant and getting ready to move to another state with a 4 year old, a puppy and a husband who was starting a new job. I'm pretty sure I was very hormonal at the time. Well, speed up the clock 6 years and we have added a few more creatures!

It has taken a while but I have learned to love all the creatures in my home. And don't think I'm just referring to my dogs. Kids and a husband have their moments. I love the idea of putting them all in plastic if it would keep the house clean!

So I had my couches cleaned and then threw blankets over them to protect them. Well it didn't seem to bother the dogs, they just jumped up and laid like the King and Queen they think they are!

I decided it was time to take back my couches and finally train the little shits to stay off! I'm meaning the dogs here but hey if the hoodlums in my home and neighborhood can learn then I guess its a win, win!

My husband headed out to Lowes and found a large roll of plastic you might put down on carpet if you were having an open house and lots of traffic. He figured that the sound it would make when a dog jumped up might scare them and get them use to being on the ground.

Some of my son's friends came over yesterday and laughed once they saw the plastic. Remember they are 11 so it's amazing the things their minds can lead to. Great, can't wait for this to go around the neighborhood. I'm sure it will be like that game of telephone where the story never gets told the right way. The kids will be spreading rumors that instead of training the dogs it will be something about my family needs training because of all the accidents they have on the couches! And instead of plastic it will be potty pads!

Look at him eyeing that couch. Just waiting for me to turn around!

So there you have it folks, plastic on the couches just like my grandparents!

I'm scared to know whats next! It looks like anything is possible!

Oh, and if you visit, you might want to wear long pants, its getting warm here and I like to hold off on turning the air on for as long as possible!

Happy Tuesday!


Eschelle said...

ugh you'll have to peal yourself off your couch if you dare to wear shorts lol!

XLMIC said...

I so wish I had done that. Our sofa is trashed :( Even though I put shower curtain liners all over it to protect it :P Boy, was that ugly... way worse than the clear plastic! lol

deborah said...

i'll bring my own warm root beer.

Anonymous said...

Can you say heat rash?
My Boxer's have taken over the couch but so far they are being gentle.

Red Couch Recipes said...

When I come to visit and the plastic is off, I will be sure to drink, and spill some grape juice! Don't we all have photos of sitting on the couch? Good luck training. Joni

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Oh girl...that takes me back...=)thanks for making me laugh today!!

Jamie Rubeis said...

Oh man! That is kind of funny. I sort of feel ya though. We have a cream colored couch in our media room and it gets dirty SO fast. Luckily the cushion covers are removable so I throw them in the wash every now and then.

Yer Cinnamon Girl said...

Oh you are too funny! I love that couch it's gorgeous I have always wanted one like that but I would never buy a couch without a slip cover. I just can't stand not being able to wash it myself. I wrote that post on workspaces if you'd like to look at it here is the link! Cheers!

Miko's Girl said...

You and your plastic covered like grandma's couch made me laugh!

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