Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Am Blessed!

I feel very blessed lately and just wanted to share some blessings that I have had in the past days and weeks!

1. I am blessed that after one kid recovers the other one gets hit!

2. I am blessed that I am the only one that knows how to do the laundry!

3. I am blessed that my dogs only hide special "treats" for me, that I then step in!

4. I am blessed that this migraine is a doozy and the neighbors construction is helping!

5. I am blessed that I totally spaced the Thanksgiving Feast at my daughter's school and had to sneak the apple cider in before they noticed it was missing!

6. I am blessed that our lizard decided to appear again! What presents has he left somewhere for me?

7. I am blessed that while parked at the mall I did not realize that there was a cement block in front of my car and I drove forward.

8. I am blessed that while negotiating with myself about the price of Legos in Wally World a woman comes up and grabs 2 of the most expensive sets and chuckles!

9. I am blessed that when I reached my car in the Target parking lot, I realized I had toilet paper hanging out of my jeans! Hmmm, so blessed that I could make people laugh at that one!

10. I am blessed that all my guests at our Halloween Party were graced with a big pile of poo from our nervous dog!

So as you can read I feel very blessed this time of year and wanted the ones near and dear to me to know how much! I should give a shout out to my kiddos, James and Claire whom if I didn't have you I wouldn't have those mountains of laundry to do! I'm sure when they bring laundry lifting to the Olympics, I will definitely be up at the winners podium with a smile! And last but definitely not least, to my wonderful husband who has recently lost 30 pounds. Whoo, hoo, way to go, I'm so proud of you. But can you please stop watching the Food Channel and then coming home and making yummy desserts that you don't eat? Remember that 30 pounds you lost? Well its gonna find me soon, if you don't quit, now!

Oh how I love em and I wouldn't trade them for the world! Well maybe the dog!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Turkey Day!

Oh and before I forget, I wanted to give a huge thanks to to Christina Lucas from The Blog Entourage. She sent me a Versatile Blogger Award the other day! Thanks for being so sweet!


Michelle said...

You are so blessed. LOL I love your list. It was very amusing and I did laugh in a room by myself that my husband thinks I'm looney. I read more of your posts and they are great. I'm now a follower of your blog. Also Thank You for stopping by mine and following me.


melissa said...

Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say how much I LOVE it! I will be back for more. Thanks for posting!

Mandi said...

Definitely did NOT expect all these blessings from you, Meg!

Hoping some "non-blessings" are coming your way this week.

Jen said...

You crack me up!
I've been blessed in several of these same ways.
Have I already said that I love your blog music!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Beatnheart said...

Thanks for the laughter and joy!

Kate said...

What a cute post, I love number 6! I am a happy new follower of yours! Hope you can come visit me http://loveiseverywhere.blogspot.com/

Kate xoxo

Katrina Chambers said...

Thanks for a great laugh! You sound way too much like me! Hahaha!

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