Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wall of Mirrors....It's for the Bird!

Can I say that having a bird is a little annoying. He is currently sitting on my hat while I type this and if he poops, I swear he might accidentally fly away!

Oops, did I just say that out loud?

He can really start squawking if he isn't held or entertained on a routine basis. I don't have time to entertain the real children, so how am I going to find the time to entertain one with wings?

I think I found the solution to my problems. I decided to give Gus someone to look at. Well lets just say he hasn't caught on that he is really looking at himself. I'm hoping he never catches on. I love it. It means less poop on my shirt and hat.

Here's the happy fellow!

And here is his wall of mirrors! Many of these mirrors are Good Will purchases and garage sale finds. The large silver one happened to be a $20.00 clearanced one at Hobby Lobby, but hey it was originally $80.00. I'd say that was a steal. The little round one at the bottom was also clearanced at Hobby Lobby. I'm thinking it was about $7.00. I added some black to the star burst ones to tone down the gold!

I hung the small round one down at the bottom, so that when Gus is on his ladder he can talk to himself! Then he walks up and hops up on his branch and talks to himself again in the large mirror!

I'm hoping to find other mirrors and finish my wall soon!

For now, I'm thinking this is a win, win for the both of us!

What do you think?


Clairejustine said...

Lovely post great mirrors and your bird/bird cage looks great :)

It's Just Me said...

Brilliant Megan. I had a gray cheek conyour that use to squak like crazy. He past away 2 years ago. We had to tell our youngest that he "flew" away. I was shocked just how much more quiet it was. Wish I would have thought of your trick : )

Shanda said...

Great idea....love birds and love the mirror wall! Iused to have a parrot that would squawk until I cam to give him attention and it could be very annoying. But I loved him!

two birds said...


Kimberly said...

I absolutely adore it!!! Not the bird. The wall of mirrors. I'm actually terrified of birds. Funny story about my phobia. When I was a kid we went to the local fair. I wanted french fries and bought them with my own money. Then a flock of seagulls came down and swarmed me and started pecking at my fries. I was terrified.
Yea, this is the longest comment ever.
I love the mirrors.

Pierre BOYER said...



Diana Mieczan said...

That is a really great idea and I love all your mirrors. You always have such a brilliant projects:) Kisses, my dear

Anonymous said...

Good deal!
I Awarded you today!

Anna of IHOD said...

The wall of mirrors is amazing!!
I am inspired:) Might just have to try that.

XLMIC said...

Love the mirrors and I know the conure does too :) I used to have an African Grey…he loved mirrors.

Becolorful said...

You crack me up. Loves ya

Jessica said...

I love your mirror wall. It looks like you spent a fortune and it should be featured in a magazine.

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