Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trendy Treehouse Award, really?

Wow, I've been a little MIA with kids, traveling and just being that its summertime and I have still managed to get another award! Wow I am so lucky to have such good blogging friends! Look what Mary Ann from Verbena Cottage gave me! Thank you Mary Ann you are such a sweetie!

The rule with this one is to tell you 10 things about me and then pass it along. Most of you might be wondering if there is even anything more I could possible say about myself, but oh yes there is always more coming from me, always!

1. I don't like amusement parks! Yep it's true! We went to Adventureland (in Altoona, Iowa) yesterday with my brother and sister in-law and their 3 kids. My husband was working so it was just the kids and myself. I think the main reason for not liking them is that I hate the heat, and yesterday was warm. The other is I hate rides. Anything that goes round and round makes me sick and I don't like heights so don't even think about getting me on a roller coaster, it will never happen. I ended up getting a wheelchair because I didn't think I could walk that far just being new to the whole walking thing again. I had my son push me but he griped about it the whole time and when you are being pushed you have no control where the dam thing goes or who you crash into. My son wasn't paying attention and I ran in to many people who were also not paying attention! Grrrrrrr!

Now call me crazy or I don't know, just modest but maybe I didn't get the memo that yesterday was wear your bikini to the amusement park day! Ok, so I understand there are a couple water rides there, but they are far enough away from each other that you have time to dry off between rides. I guess I can understand the gals who wear a bikini top and shorts but a full bikini and flip flops and nothing else what's up with that? I just don't get it, its not the pool here gals! And its one thing if you are 13 except over my dead body will Claire be walking around like that, but what's up with the mom's wearing their bikinis and flip flops? Why do people think its ok? Am I the one that's abnormal here, I think not!

2. I get sick being the passenger in a car! Maybe its that control thing again but I get queasy sitting over there and my husband knows it too and then drives crazy because he thinks its funny!

3. I love to vacuum! Yes its true, I love the sound and the dumping of the canister is so rewarding! I am on the look out for a new vacuum though. I need one that basically sucks up everything but the couch! I have two dogs and one of them sheds, which kills me. So, anyone, anyone, ideas please!

4. I have always wanted to play the drums! My brother played them in high school and I was so jealous of him. I played the flute for oh, about a month because I had no interest and acted like I just couldn't learn it! I still am hoping one day to get my hands on some drum sticks and start banging away!

5. I really hate touching raw meat! Maybe that is why I don't like to cook! It just makes me ill. You would think I was a vegetarian but I love red meat too much! Now chicken I'm not a huge fan of!

6. I'll talk to anyone! I believe everyone has a story to tell and needs someone just to listen! I find myself being at the strangest places and having people ask for advice and I've never even met them before! Often my family will say, "Did you know her?" And I say no, she just needed to talk!

7. I hate to fly! I'm flying to California next week and I'm terrified. I seriously would rather drive anywhere then get in a plane! I hate the sounds of a plane and I'm claustrophobic so being so close to people in a small place is ahhhhhh.....just thinking about it freaks me out!

8. I'm ready for Halloween! No, I don't mean I'm decorated or anything like that, but soon! Yes, I usually start decorating when school starts! I believe that as soon as I start decorating the weather changes and it gets cooler! Fall is my favorite and I love my house at Halloween time! Soon you will all see the Halloween Queen come to life!

9. My birthday is August 20th! I use to hate my birthday because school started usually the week of my birthday, so I never looked forward to it! Now, I love my birthday! No, not because of any gifts I receive, actually I don't need any, no I'm kidding if you want to remember the date and if you need my address I will gladly send it to you and make sure there is plenty of room in the mailbox, lol! No, I love my birthday because school starts for the kiddos on my birthday! So you might want to plug your ears, because everyone can hear me whooping and hollering at exactly 7:45 in the morning! But school actually school starts on the 19th so I might have to celebrate for a couple of days!

10. When I was in third grade I wanted to be a nun! Yes, you heard right! I went to Catholic school and I was taught by nuns and priests and it seemed like the normal thing to think about! Jump ahead 30 years and wow, I can't believe I thought about it! Oh all those years of Catholic school and the guilt I still have! No, I'm a good Catholic girl, really!

Well I wasn't told how many people to pass this on to and frankly it is getting harder and harder since everyone is so deserving!
Here are a few people I have enjoyed getting to know and I think you will enjoy also.......

Talli from Talli Roland

Mary from Urban Farmgirl

Terri at La Dolfina

I can't wait to read some interesting things about you that I didn't know!

Have a great weekend!


Vic said...

Congrats:) I think I read a lot about myself here:) I too am like you! I hate being passenger...I talk to everyone, It's a Gemini thing:) wishing you a very happy weekend:) xoxo

Mary Ann said...

Megan, thanks for sharing us ten things about you coz that is like getting 10x of laughter in 1 trendy funky woman! hope you are having a great weekend! verbena cottage

Diana Mieczan said...

Congrats darling on your new award!!! Well done:) I can get so sick in the car too if Im not driving:)

Hope you had a blast and wish you a great, sunny and relaxing weekend...

Ps: I didnt have a chance to post it yet...But I will very soon:) Muah

Tayebug said...

I see that NUN thing didn't work out so much! :-)

Christina said...

congrats, you deserve it! iloove your blog :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow that was informative! A nun...can't see that:) Well no wonder you don't like amusement parks, you get motion sick. Those two things don't mix. That's exactly why I don't like them too! Have a great weekend girl.

Mari said...

I love this list. My husband went to Costco today and bought me a Zumba (a round vacuum AKA Rosy from the Jetsons). I thought I would love it but after about 2 hours... I was tired of the noise.

I have been flying my entire life so I can't relate to you flying fear, I wish you good luck and a stressfree trip.

I love Halloween to - no gifts to buy, you get to dress up and decorate!

Mandi said...

Congrats! I'm soo with you on the airplane thing. Pass the valium.

Talli Roland said...

Yay! Thank you so much for the wonderful award - sorry I was a bit slow getting over here (I try to take a blog break on the weekends). I can't believe you like to vacuum!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Congrats and thanks for visiting me...

LoveToVacuum said...

Hi Megan! Noticed your #3 and thought you would get a kick out of - a website that celebrates all things vacuuming! Its designed for vacheads (i.e. vacuum lovers) like you and has v-cards, vacuum ringtones, confessions from other vacheads and a consumer content. Check it out when you have a minute! :)

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