Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm not in the mood, and I don't mean that!

Ok, so we just got home from school, the kids had holiday parties and whoo, hoo, (can you hear my enthusiasm, or should I say the lack there of ), the kids are now on Christmas break. Do you know how many days the kids are on break for? 18, did you hear me?... 18. HELP! What am I to do with them for that long? We have no plans really but to hang out at home. I am not ready for the "I'm bored, there is nothing to do, no one to play with!" Can't you just hear the whining in that?

I am still trying to shake off a kindergarten party where I spent 2 hours doing crafts, watching several children pick their noses, then hold hands to sing a group song and yes, I even witnessed a couple of hands go missing in the pants. I am still trying to breathe here. The kids then proceeded to their tables to have their snacks. I thought, "wait, surely the kids will wash their hands right? Oh, hell, the teacher isn't saying anything, and there go the cupcakes, the crackers and the cheese. Ok, do I walk and never volunteer again? If the teacher doesn't have them wash their hands I'm gonna lose it! Well I did, lose it that is. I yelled "Stop, do not eat one bite, you need hand sanitizer!" Now if you ever want to quiet a group of kids and their mothers down, this"ll do it every time! Lets just say, I don't think Claire will be invited over for any play-dates this winter break, oh well.
I have OCD I know, what a germ freak!

"Claire, mom will find something fun to do I promise." So, if anyone has any ideas, I am open for suggestions. But, for now I have a few things stocked to get me through these long 18 days...
I have hot cocoa with some rum, yum! and the cookie jar filled and plenty of chocolate. I don't think you can go wrong with peanut M&M's.

Now, I need to go and finish my cocoa!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hang in there and don't loose the bottle is all I can say. lol

Janean said...

18 days....well, i'm fresh outta ideas, but not outta hugs! (((hugs))))

1 Funky Woman said...

Janean, thanks for the hugs, I'll keep a few on reserve and Maggie, do you have a back-up when I run out?

Marydon Ford said...

Janean ~ Any Kahlua in that cocoa? Chuckle!

Merry Christmas ~
TTFN ~Marydon

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