Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!

Can't you just hear him saying that? This is our dog Theodore and he is in heaven. I laugh at how much he loves the snow. He is constantly at the door whining to go out so he can run laps around the yard and roll in the snow. I just wish he wouldn't bark at every snow flake that fell down. Did I mention he is cute but not that smart?

Well, it is officially winter in Iowa! It snowed yesterday and the kids got home from school and went sleding for 2 hours! How do they do that? I swear, my kids are like polar bears, they love the snow so much. They never complain about how cold it is and my daughter didn't even have socks on under her boots! It could have just been the frostbite kicking in but I think she was having too much fun to notice! I contemplated not shoveling at all, I mean its just going to keep snowing right? I decided I didn't want to get any nasty looks from the neighbors. I just wish that tylenol would kick in for my aching back!

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