Monday, March 14, 2011

Total Slip of the Tongue!

This week is Spring Break for us and my husband and son took a "guys" trip hunting. So, when the cats are away the mice will play! Well not really. It's only been two days since they have been gone and my daughter and I have pretty much been snuggling in bed watching movies, reading and just being silly.

Today we decided to hit the dollar theatre because not only was it time to get out of the house but it was a beautiful day. We thought we would run into Walgreen's for some treats and some waters. Yes I am one of those that buys the treats and sticks them in her purse. Why do you think I carry such a large bag? We do however, fork over the dough for the popcorn!
Remember, I love my popcorn, yum!

So we are in the candy aisle and my daughter was having a hard time deciding between some Sponge Bob gummy crappy patties and a Hershey's chocolate bar. I suggested a few things and then said, "Claire, lets get some Reese's Penis!"

I cannot even explain this one folks. It just totally slipped out! Now I do know it wasn't because I was thinking of sex! No I'm pretty sure Walgreen's has never been a place where I've gotten my jollies from. It was like for a moment it wasn't even me saying it.

My daughter then says, "Mom, do you know you just said Penis?" "I can't believe you would say that!"

I could barely muster up the courage or strength, to turn my head left or right to check if anyone had walked into our aisle, I was laughing so hard. Luckily it was still the two of us in our aisle and we were able to escape.

My daughter did bring it up one more time but I do believe has since forgotten. We saw the Yogi Bear movie. I'm not even sure it was even worth the dollar theatre price but it made her happy!

So that is how we have been spending our Spring Break. I sure hope I don't have anymore sudden outbursts. I guess if I do, my daughter will sit me down with a bar of soap in my mouth like Ralphie!

A little mortified in Iowa!



The Frat Pack + Me said...

Oh! My! Gosh!

Anonymous said...

That was really funny! i didn't even read it right at first. I thought you actually said reeses peices. I had to look back! I would have been laughing too :)

deborah said...

megan. my son's name is.....wait for it.....reese. not even kidding. oh my.

Sharde said...

when the 2 yr old i nanny says socks it sounds like... cocks. its so bad! i try to not let him say it anymore!! :) thanks for the comment- i hope the shirt comes out well! its sooo easy and you can do fun shapes too :) good luck!


Garden Girl☺ said...

That must have been so embarrassing!!!

Jamie Rubeis said...

Oh my gosh! Hilariousness! Made me laugh out loud.

Diana Mieczan said...

Hahaha...that is really funny! Have a fantastic day, darling

Ps: I’m hosting a cool Loop GIVEAWAY later today! Hope you’ll join in:)

Christina Lucas said...

oops! Lol! One time my daughter overheard me whisper "dike" into my cell phone at Walmart, and she yelled "Mom, what's a dike?!"

torie@Life With Rylie said...

Haha too funny!

Karyn Climans said...

Heard they have created Gummie Penises. Sounds revolting to me but someone obviously thought they were a funny idea!
Glad to hear you and your daughter enjoyed some girl time. So important!

Room to Inspire said...

Very funny - I bet having a little girl time was so great!


Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

Oh goodness, how funny! Bad, but funny. ;)

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