Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm thinking of being a stand-up....when I grow up!

What will I be when I grow up? We ask our children that all the time. We want them to start thinking at a young age what their likes and dislikes are, so it can help them on their path for the future. Some questions we might ask are, "Do you like to draw?" Well, here are some tools to help you be an artist. "Do you like music?" "Well, lets take some lessons. Oh, by the way, my son did get his banjo for Christmas and is taking lessons. Maybe if they do a remake of Deliverance he can be the boy who plays the dueling banjo part!

We try to foster those interests with our children but do you think one is ever too old to start something new? Well I've been asking myself this same question. At almost 40, yes I will actually be 40 this summer, what is it that I like to do? What will I be when I grow up? I'm a mom but I don't want that to be what defines me. Frankly, I need something that is just for me and quite honestly between you and me, I kinda suck at the whole mom thing! Ok, just ask my kiddos!

I've been having some weird dreams lately. I wish I could say they were juicy and I was waking up in a cold sweat because of some hot pool boy. Well, I did wake up sweating last night but that was because my daughter crawled into my side of the bed and practically slept on me the whole night. You never need a blanket when she's around, she's like an electric heater but with bony legs and feet, ouch!

Lately I've been dreaming I was a stand-up comedian. Me a stand-up! Wow never thought that would enter my brain-sphere but it did. But then I started to think that wait a minute, I might actually be able to pull this one off! I mean, I can certainly talk to anyone and I usually get a laugh when I do. I tell it like it is and pretty much don't worry about offending anyone because this is me and you either like me or you hate me. Now stop, I know you all like me!

Winner! Oh, sorry! I was just having a Charlie Sheen moment!

I really think I could do this! I know I've got some great subjects to work with. I mean, I've got crazy loud kids that drive me bonkers and dogs that seem to poop and puke at the worst time. Like right at the front door minutes before company is coming over. And if that isn't great material then I could talk about boobs! God knows I got em, so I can talk about em! How about husbands, I also have one of those so I know how they are. How many of your husbands do a little, "baby I know you want me, in his black socks dance!" Yeah, I know, I got a keeper!

I recently came across this gal and her videos and I think I've watched her more times than I can count and I still seem to LMAO. Some of you may have heard of her before. She is known for "William Tell Momisms Song" She is so worth watching. I love her so much especially because she believes that "Coffee is a Cheerleader in a cup" That is so how I feel. Enjoy watching but don't forget to turn off music at bottom right!

So, do we see a comedian in my future?

Working at this whole mother thing, one day at a time and one drink at a time!



Kelly H. said...

Thats neat :) Iam 27 and just now really pursuing my career. But who knows, I might end up changing my mind about what I want to do.
Have a great day!

Stacey said...

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deborah said...

i used to have stand-up comedian dreams too!!!! that is totally weird. but, my good friend used to represent anita renfroe in her early days....not all that long ago. double weird.

Megan said...

Go Megan, Go Megan Go !!!!
Well you crack me up so I'd pay money to see ya make with the funny talk.

Crystal said...

Megan, You are such a loyal participant in the Terrific Thursday blog hop! Thank you!!

Have a great day!!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Ah yeah, me and the Starbucks guy are practically having an affair.

Gifts By Katherine said...

Love this post so much!!!Go for it be a comedian, reach for your dreams.Thank you for being a follower of Katherines Gifts. I recently merged the blog and the website into I extend my hand and invitation for you to join me there. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Hugs from Katherine

Mel said...

I'd come to see you, fa sure

Simple Life Journey said...

This is so funny. Guess what I just did for the first time last night? I did stand up comedy. And yes, the topic of boobs is on my list, but not because I have them. My jokes are about how breastfeeding three children has left me with 2 skin flaps.

Sharde said...

i wish i could be funny. :( im pretty sure im only funny inside my house with my hubs!

and btw, i really love your blog! today i did a refashion that i think you'd like, a lace-cut out t-shirt that is no-sew! and easy to do with very little time.
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thanks! sharde

Natalie Jean (Bottoms) Kelsey said...

I'd go see ya if u were in my neck of the woods:) lol go for it, he'll go for the bus driver too, giggle. Oh yeah also, I have a tournament at the dinner table too..also the injury of the day lol peace

Becolorful said...

Hehe. Thanks for the giggles. I will never think of You Raise Me UP in the same light. :)

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