Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Soooo Flattered!

I'm finally getting around to an award I was given by Denise from
The Cre8tive Mom. Well how cool is that? Well I think it's so cool and Denise you seriously made my second, day and week! Now some of you might be sick of my ramblings so if you are then close your eyes. But if you love them like I think you do then read on!

1. Thank the person who gave me this fabulous award! Read above!

2. Share 7 things about yourself! (This is when you might want to close your eyes)

3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers or less! I think 10 is ok, no pressure really!

4. Contact those wonderful bloggers who will then be indebted to you for life and let them know of this fabulous award!

Here we go......

7 Things about 1 Funky Woman (remember I'm pretty much an open book)

1. I stepped in Dog Shit in my bare feet the other day! Yup right in my bedroom! I screamed! This little pooch wasn't feeling well and didn't make it to the door to go outside! I'll always love her but I don't have to like her! Kinda how I feel about my kids most days!

2. Speaking of dog shit, yes we still are people. The snow has melted and I thought I would clean up the backyard. I went out to the backyard and it was like a land mine out there. There was no safe place to stand because there were little brown missiles everywhere. I swear now I know how that guy on "The Dirtiest Job" feels. I had no idea that all that snow was covering that much shit! I started cleaning up and yes bitching as I was doing it and since our pooperscooper broke I had to use a bag. As I put my hand in the bag to grab the poop, my hand went right through the bag and yup I grabbed it with my bare hands.

Lets just say if any of the neighbors were out at that moment they would definitely have thought they were listening to some crazy person. I swear it was like I had Turrets, I was snapping every cuss word you can imagine. I'm kinda done with poop duty for a while!

3. The other day I was so excited to have my two sofas cleaned in the living room, but just as soon as the guy pulled out of the driveway and my idiot dog came in from outside, he jumped up on them.

So anyone looking to adopt a Corgi?

4. I'm into Owls lately! No, not the ones that fly around and Hoot but the decor kind. I found some cool white owl bookends at a consignment store the other day. I'm so excited! I also found some cool owl statues that I'm thinking about painting all white...stay tuned!

5. I am never sending out Christmas cards again and I will no longer feel guilty about it! I am absolutely horrible at it, seriously. I have such great intentions and get the picture and send it off to Walgreens to get developed. Go and pick them up and then there they sit. In fact I still have last years cards that I never sent out. So here is my Christmas card to all of you....

6. I love beer. Yup I'm a beer girl I love the taste. Some of you might remember my Mother's Day gift last year from my son. It was this beauty! I should be completely mortified and embarrassed that my 10 year old gave me alcohol as a gift but he did know whay his momma likes, right? Anyhoo I have never been a big drinker in fact give me a beer and it pretty much puts me to sleep. Give me a second one and you will have to carry me to bed. And don't think that's an invitation because all its gonna get you is a lot of snoring! I'll be sleeping like a baby in no time!

7. I have rearranged my Living Room 5 times in the last two days and I still hate it! When I was little my mother rearranged weekly so I know that is why I do it! I have taken everything off the walls and am desperately trying to find a color that I want to paint in the Living Room. I was thinking of a grey so any suggestions. Any color really! I'm trying to decide what my style is lately! And I finally realized that there can be too many lamps in one room!

Ok, ok enough of my ramblings I promise! I now need to pick some deserving blogs for this award.

1. Absolutely Narcissism - Dam I love her!
2. Natalie Jean - Notobottoart - Awesome gal!
3. Brandi - Dysfunctional Supermom - Brutally honest and I love that about her!
4. Vic - Freckles and Fudge - Fantastically funny!
5. Tracey - I'd Rather Be Reading Book Club - Just found her and I love her book reviews!
6. Well-to-do - Check out their cool giveaway, awesome!
7. Debbie - Suburban Sanity - Loves cooking as much as I do!
8. Sue - The Desperate Housemommy - Hit the nail on Lady Gaga!
9. Amanda - Fond of the Silliness - on the floor laughing with her post
10. 1ne Proud Mama - From High Heels to Sneakers - shes gorgeous and so are her boys !

So there you have it! Gotta fly kids have a half day today. Why, oh why does it seem they aren't in school that much? Its either a snow day or a half day, grrrrrrr!



The Frat Pack + Me said...

About #6....I thought the same thing this year after getting out Christmas cards....I am done with it!

well-to-do said...

Thank you!!! We think you're pretty special, too :)

And yes, we have a faaaaaabulous Sea Bags giveaway on our blog this week:

XO Suz

Kerri said...

I love your "Christmas card" pic! And I think a lot of people are starting to feel the same way about cards. think of it this way, you are going green for the environment! :)

Natalie Jean (Bottoms) Kelsey said...

Now I got it... (in continuance from the comment left on my blog..OMG are we on the same plane or what?
Dog shit/Piss got it! flipping dog has anxiety about going outside in certain weather conditions and pisses in my dining room and It's almost always impossible to see on the hardwood. AND she pee's on the deck when it's raining or too cold to go down the stairs..geeze!!
Owls..well let me say I have a plethora of them getting ready to become earrings, Have a couple in my shop now.. I'd like to use a pair as a giveaway..
Xmas cards.. I'm with you COMPLETELY! As I look to the right and lift up a pile of papers there, is a box of signed cards, in envelopes, stamped and addressed just waiting for the photos I intended to put in them that I never got printed. I was SO close..giggle lol
Re-arranging, this was my whole childhood past-time. My bedroom always rocked, IMO, giggle and my mom sometimes came home to "a new home" lol..It didn't always make her happy but its the thought that counts right?
Beer, right before I sat down to write this I wanted one but contemplated it because it's only five and I didn't want to get all tired but I am CRAVING one..A hacker Psorrf (spelling)
Anyways thank you for your lovely award. I like being called an awesome gal..suits me :)
Oh and hey, have some licorice and peanut M & M's on me.. lol

The Primitique said...

#6 cracked me up. That is one tall, cool one. Your son rocks! And I'm excited to see all these blogs for me to check out. Here I go! ~Mindy

Debbie said...

Megan, I think you are adorable! Seriously, this post was crazy funny and entertaining.
First, get rid of the dog. One time stepping in that I would have taken that dog to a lovely farm out in the country where he could chase butterflies all day.
I actually mailed my Christmas cards BEFORE Thanksgiving this year. First time in I don't know how long I have sent them before the new year so I feel you.
And it is so cute that your son gave you beer:)

Thanks for the award. I appreciate you thinking of me and I do feel indebted to you forever and ever.
But I won't take that dog off your hands.

Crystal said...


I would like to invite you back to the Terrific Thursday blog hop at!

Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award!

Also, our backwoods anti-American, woman hating friend stopped by my blog. :D

I'm going to let The Saint handle him. Should be a ton of fun to watch. ;-)

Jamie Lynn said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me! I've actually received this award a few times, but I still love it every time. It is so thoughtful.

Kiwi Scouser said...

Hi Megan,
Your blog name says it all. Your ramblings are hilarious and down-to-earth and simply a joy to read.
Am off to check out the blogs you've awarded...thanks :)
From Megan in NZ

I'dRatherBeReading said...

Thanks so much Megan! I always jump when I come on your page b/c although I've been here a couple of times...I forget about the music.

Have A Marry Christmas- priceless.

Alicia said...

I was just about to nominate you for glad to see you got one already.
I just got this award myself...very Fun!
I also must say, I too gave up on Christmas cards...such a pain in the butt!

Leah C said...

A super real post! It was fun "getting to know" you...have a great day:) And thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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