Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just around the corner for boys......

Yesterday my 10 year old son came flying through the door yelling, "mom, we watched THE movie!" I was still trying to come off my high of being alone for the past 7 hours, so switching gears and realizing that within minutes the neighborhood boys would come knocking at my door was a little hard to do. Hasn't anyone gotten the memo that I don't like kids?

THE movie, what was he talking about? I vaguely remember that letter he brought home talking about THE movie and when he would be watching it, but I'm sure something else like the dog throwing up needed immediate attention so to the....Forget It Til Later Pile the letter went in hopes it would become nighttime reading. I didn't realize yesterday would be the day!
Oh crap, do I have time to fix myself a drink? I don't think I'm ready for this. He said mom, "I'm gonna start to smell so I need to shower everyday and wear deodorant!" How do you keep a straight face when your kid seems so proud that he will stink? He also started talking about his testicles and how big they will get, oh god I can't wait to hear 5, 1o year olds sitting in the basement having that discussion!

James then said, "Mom, do you know what they have to do to the girls
privates?" Hold on to your seats hear gals, God knows I was sitting at this point! He said, "they have to take this thing and clean them out!" "What!" "What are they teaching you?" If I could have had a shot of something strong I sure would have. I said, "James wait, what exactly are you saying?" He said, "I don't know, they need to flush them out because they smell or something." "Ok, do you think you heard the word douche?" "Oh, yea thats what they said!" "Mom, do you do that?" Why me, really Lord why me? "No James, I don't, and in my opinion I don't think it is necessary or safe. I told James I didn't want him to think that girls smell or needed to be flushed out so please don't give it another thought. Its a good thing he is such a boy because he just jumped up and said, "I'm starving!" I said, "oh good, hope no one minds if I have a drink, its 5 o'clock somewhere!

So, just another day in the life of our family, so, how was your day?


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Hee hee. I hope you had a good, strong drink.

Warrior Princess said...

I would be laughing hysterically right now if I wasn't sure that I'll have a day like that in a few years! Good job, mom!

Anonymous said...

haha oh my goodness! I'm already terrified of having this conversation with children of mine...and I don't even have any yet!!

L.Duncan@home23duncanboys said...

Oh my! I was headed over because of the comment you left on my blog...thanks for the complement on the dresser!

Now, about this post, This is so funny! My oldest is 5 and I can not imagine having this talk with him! I hope that you were able to get your drink because you totally deserve one after that!!!

Have a great day

mishebe said...

Hey i just printed it off of Fairy Graphics. it was free. I have the sight on my fav. blogs, check it out! Keep calm and carry on! mishelle

mishebe said...

Just read your post, oh i so relate...

Tracey said...

Oh boy! Hysterical!!! Well, maybe not for you...but it does make for a funny post!!

:) T

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Oh, that is so scary! LOL!

Love the old pictures of you and your hubby!
Just found you!
p.s. I watch the bachelor too.

LuLu said...

OH my word!!! After reading your post i need that drink at 8AM hee hee that is hilarious!! I can't believe they talked about douching? seriously... i thought everyone was told thats not safe or necessary {just like you said} I think that movie must be very old and needs to be updated.
thanks for my morning laugh :)
happy Friday,

Sarah Maizes said...

That is absolutely hilarious! My son stinks and I think he's proud of it.

And in my defense on the "sucking" front...because I realize it's freaky...my oldest has Asperger's which comes with a variety of motor skill issues. As a baby and toddler she choked on EVERYTHING! I must have performed the heimlich about 1,000 times. It totally blew my ability to be "cool" about it...Maybe I'll let her have a sourball at her sweet 16. :)

the vintage wren said...

OMG, that is hilarious. I have a ten year old son too, I'm not sure he's seen the Movie yet, lol. I can't stop laughing.

Thanks for the follow, glad I found you found me, and now I've found you. - Carrie

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