Friday, February 5, 2010

The dreaded sleepovers!

Am I the only mom out there that really despises sleepovers? When I hear the word I just cringe. I become unglued. What is this obsession that children have with always having a sleepover? I just don't get it. When we were kids it just never came up except maybe a birthday sleepover once in a blue moon.
Well, my 10 year old son asked for a sleepover at 4:30 today. First, sleepover to me means you are the one sleeping over at someone else's house, right? And second, why in the hell are you asking me at 4:30 on a Friday? Well sleeping over at his friend's house is not what he meant, he wanted to have his friend spend the night at our house. James said, "Mom if you don't let Jack spend the night, then he won't invite me over for his birthday party and we won't be friends!" He also counted how many times Jack has had him over, and said it was his turn. Turn, I didn't know they kept tabs on that kind of thing. Basically the look on my face said, "and I care why?"

I'm sorry, its true I wasn't very nice, but I said, "he isn't a true friend if he does that." I don't know if its me wanting to just lounge on a Friday night and not have to be responsible for someone else's kid, but if any of you have followed me the truth be known, I don't like kids very well. I know, I know, its crazy since I have 2 of my own, but really kids drive me crazy. The fact that they want to stay up late and make noise just to make noise makes me bonkers, and I'm the one, not my husband, that has to go down and be the meany and tell them its bedtime.

On most days I know I enjoy my own children, but at least with your own children you can remind them of their manners and tell them to close their mouth while chewing, or tell them to please not talk with food in your mouth. But, I think when they aren't your children I don't think you are allowed to, are you? I'm afraid I would totally embarrass James if I did tell his friend to stop eating like a vulture.....hmmm, tempting!

Anyway, I page my hubby to see what he says and he said, "well, you always say no, so, shouldn't you say yes this time?" Oh, thanks honey just make me out to be the heavy. Ok folks, are you ready? I said yes, yes its true. We are having a sleepover. Yea me, can you feel my excitement? I guess I'm doing it mostly so James won't ask again for a while and maybe because I don't want him to lose a friend, but for the record I still think it stinks that a so called friend counts how many sleepovers and says, "now its your turn to invite me!"

Well at least my hubby got pizza so I don't have to cook tonight and maybe...I'll have a beer or two, just don't tell Jack's mother!


Darlene said...

First let me say that you can tell other kids how to behave....I do. Of course I always do it in a nice way so they don't run and tell their parents that I'm an ogre.

As for the sleepovers....I gotta be honest. I don't mind them. In fact, we're having one right now. My youngest is here with her friend and they've been total angels. My oldest is at a birthday party sleepover.

Get all the help you can.....if it's beer then go for it!! Happy night!

Janean said...

it IS a social phenomenon to me also.

growing up, we spent the night at our best friend's home or attended the birthday sleepovers AFTER WE WERE TEENAGERS, but kids start this at four now! lol.

my parents also didn't let me sleep when i got home. i still had to do all my 'chores' and could not be cranky.

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Oh how I remember the fragile friendships kids have. It's so sad how they keep score.

I don't mind the sleepovers too much because I am pretty guarded about what friends get to come over. When they arrive I just welcome them and lay the rules out in advance. But the one thing I struggle with is hand washing. I come un-glued when people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom or before eating. How do you tell someone else's kid who you know did not wash their hands to get back in there and wash? Very touchy subject.

Hope you have some strong coffee this morning.

Warrior Princess said...

We had a sleepover last night too! My friends are training for their black belt test and had extra training last night and this morning and they didn't want the little man to have to wait around for 5 hours of class in 15 straight hours! But having Tristan over isn't any trouble - he's a sweet kid. For the record, I do tell him - nicely - to chew with his mouth shut, or keep the volume down... all that said - I'm actually with you that I do not enjoy sleepovers. It stresses me out being responsible for someone else's kid for that long - and I really enjoy my flup-out time on Friday nights. This just means that we are super mothers since we put our kids first. Wow, that was a long comment - sorry! PS - Thanks for following me - love your blog!

Ginger said...

Hi there! I've just started a mommy of boys blog! Feel free to visit and have a look around! Love your blog! I became a follower!


Nancy said...

You can do it, my friend. A little brewsky is all good. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. YOu are such a delight. Hope you are having a happy weekend. I totally agree with you and the Housewives... not right, I tell you. No wedges while walking the dogs.

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