Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bear with me, I have a point!

Ok, I can't believe I am going to do a post about "The Bachelor" but I have to. Last nights episode had yet another bombshell drop and this time it was about Ali Fedotowsky. Dun dun dun dun!!!!

She was given an ultimatum from her job to either quit the show or lose her job. Well, ok, so this was a very hard decision for her because she loves her job as an advertising account manager but at the same time she was falling hard for Jake. Really Ali, hold up, first can I just say barf! Falling for Jake, he gives me the willies! If I hear him say, "I need to be true to myself one more time, ugh! And a pilot who is afraid of heights, weird. And second, Ali you said it before, how can he like you and Vienna at the same time, you are two totally different girls! (check out Vienna's pictures I found, ugh!). Ali you can't stand that girl. He acts the same with all the girls, and what is it with him putting their legs on his lap? I remember one of the girls thought she was the only one that he did that with. Boy these girls sure are stupid! Haven't they seen this show before they got on it? Don't they know that the guy makes out with all of them and ultimately says the same thing?

Ali asked Jake for help in deciding and Jake said, "life is about minimizing regrets and you have to weigh which one will be the bigger regret". Wow, so who fed him that line? Can you say producers? He said a little sheepishly that he wanted her to stay and take a chance on him, but he can't tell her if she will be the one! Seriously Jake you can't tell by now?

Ali said, “It’s like the two loves of my life I feel like I have to choose between. If you were mine the choice would be easy. I feel like you’re slipping right through my fingers and I don’t know how to stop you…. I’m so sorry.” If you watched, I wonder if it was possible for Jake to squeeze his eyes any harder to get a tear out and if he would have squeezed any harder would he have a brain aneurysm while doing so? Can you spell the word FAKE, JAKE? Ha, they rhyme!

Ok, so lets talk about Vienna, can you say double barf. Maybe Jake should see what kind of gal she really is. How can he not know already. Has he seen these pictures of her yet? Like the people on the show haven't done any research before she came, of course they did! I don't think I can ever wear my Burberry scarf again! The only thing I can say is that I think she looks better as a brunette though!

Ok, can you say creepy as far as Vienna's relationship with her dad goes? I don't recall her hugging her mom like she hugged her dad, unless it was a stepmom, can you say incest? I'm all for a dad loving his daughter and saying she is his princess but shouldn't that end when she is like 8 and not continue even when she is 23? Jake brought up the fact that all the girls are jealous of Vienna and her family said, "Well that doesn't surprise us, its always been that way." Doesn't Vienna remind you of one of those cheesy Tori Spelling movies, that she would do whatever it takes to get the guy and drown the good girl? Maybe if her dad buys her a car everytime she crashes one, then he could buy her a husband too! I didn't realize she was married before. Now she says she will make sure her dad approves before she makes that mistake again.

In writing this post I just want our daughters to know that men aren't everything. Don't throw yourself at a man. Go and get an education and be independent first. Love is great and wonderful but you can all survive without men for a while, they aren't the end all be all. Know who you are first and the rest will follow!

I am so glad Ali left because she knew her job was more important and the fact that Jake shed a few tears, mind you they were fake tears, he jumped right back in the saddle with the 3 remaining gals and acted like Ali who? Tell me why you ladies have to go on national television and make out with a guy who is making out with other gals and have him tell you how special you are while he is telling the other girls the same thing? I just pray that Ali doesn't do the stupid thing and come crawling back to Jake crying and begging for him to take her back, because I think I will have to write to her and tell her a thing or two!

I swear it is getting harder and harder to teach our children morals with the crap on television these days. Not like I am letting them watch this, but I've seen the crap on Nickelodeon and Disney. I think I am going to get rid of the t.v. and just see if they miss it or not. I bet given a week it will be no big deal!


Jenglamgirl said...

Seriously, I can't stand the fakeness "THE MAN" AND THE WOMAN! I have only watched one episode. AS for Vienna... barf on just the name... SHE IS FUGLY, SERIOUSLY FUGLY! he only like her because of her blonde hair and big boobs that are hanging out! HA! I am mean! Glad ALI, like you said chose her job, I hope she is sleeping at night, since she lost the love of her life. HA! thanks for a laugh, or drama! ;)

Sarah Maizes said...

I just can't believe I WATCHED! ARGH! I'll never get that hour back of my life! And what kind of idiot thinks she can't ever get another job. I don't know why I do this to myself. And the pic of Vienna in her Burberry Scarf - I might have to sell my trenchcoat now. And what the Heck is Gia doing there? She's like Wallpaper.

As for your Mommy Lite comment, "never a dull moment" you say? I say "No. Only sharp ones." :)

Sarah @ www.MommyLiteOnline.com

Angie S said...

Vienna makes me want to barf even more now.

Alli is crazy...I'd choose man over job, but that's just me.

This show makes me feel crazy sometimes...why do I waste my time? LOL!!

I'm sucked into the madness though!

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

hahahahahaha!!!! You make me laugh!!! I wish these women would figure it out!!! They are (most of them anyway) beautiful, young and talented. Do they REALLY have to go on national television to find a man???????

Erin said...

I'm just so glad to know that I'm not the only one wasting my time on this show. I swear it's more addictive than sugar. I thought Vienna and her dad were going to start making out for a second. Weird!

Laura said...

Really. I do.
Not ALL The BAchelors...but THIS ONE I like.
GREAT characters. Slut, bimbo, back stabber, plastic surgery, divorcee, girl next door...SO WELL CAST.
Because it is, you know.
They all fill a role. And they know what they are doing when they start...
getting their 15 minutes.
They sort of want love, but they really want to be on TV.

And do you think Ali is gone?
SHe will be back.

Maybe even the last one standing...

Manuela@TPOH said...

I haven't watched that show since the first one. I don't even understand why those girls bother. The Bachelor never stays with the woman he picks. They must all have ulterior motives.


Anna said...

lol..Megan..I had such a good laugh reading this post..and thank you for saving me from all the barrrrrfing...I think thats why he got the flick in the bachelorette..because she kept saying to him..to be yourself...like he was acting..and perhaps he was...as for the pilot who is afraid of heights...lol lol..it is pretty odd!
Thanks for visiting my blog..I look forward to checking out more of your posts. Anna x

Tamstyles said...

ONG..funny funny. I am watching and cant see why Vienna is top 2...but we shall see. Love your comments..to funny

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