Thursday, December 1, 2011

We've been Elfed!

Well, we're getting into the Holiday Spirit over here. After all our last name is famous at this time of year. You know the song 12 days of Christmas well we are the Partridge's in a Pear Tree!

I found these silly elf carolers at a little vintage shop for about $3.00. My kids are kinda creeped out by my little elves. They think the eyes are scary! I say the creepier the face the cuter they are!

This little blue guy is my absolute favorite! I love his face! Can you see who's peeking in over at the right? Yup that's our elf on the Shelf Zeke. He just flew in this morning! Claire was so excited she thought he needed to join the other elves!

This is puddin head the angel. I thought he needed to watch over the other elves and make sure they stayed out of trouble! Everyone needs an angel to watch over them!

Lots more decorating to show you, I'm on a roll here! October and November were crazy times over here. I feel like the Tasmanian devil with how much I've been coming and going! I kinda look like him lately too! I'm back though and excited to show you all some fun things around the Peartree!

Have a super day!


Loretta said...

Hello Megan, I love love your decorations...the elf to the right of the pic is the cutest...sneaky though! Lol. Thanks for sharing them!

Hugs and Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

Oh such cute elves. I love them. Too adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh such cute elves. I love them. Too adorable.

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