Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pumpkin Spice Lattes for Research!

Ok, so how many Pumpkin Spice Lattes are too many for one day? I'm serious? First let me say I am obsessed with Pumpkin Spice Lattes from where else, yes Starbucks! So when I found out they were back I freaked, yes! I think I even got a little giddy! It's true! Sometimes its those little things that make you smile! Ok so here's the thing. We have 3 Starbucks in the city I live in. 1 free standing Starbucks and 2 Starbucks in the Hy Vee grocery stores. I thought I would make it my mission to see if they make these lattes the same way. Hey, I think for research it is my duty to be the tester right? When I order one of these scrumptious drinks, I first make sure they are really hot and second I order it with only the teeny tiniest amount of foam. I'm not a huge fan of foam. I might be full of hot air at times but I just don't want to drink it!

So the 1st latte I tried was very hot, so I gave that an A. But after I took a couple sips it seemed lacking in the pumpkin flavor. I was expecting a little pumpkin party in my mouth and there wasn't one! Now I waited a little while before I went on to the next one. I ordered it my usual way, hot and light foam. The guy who took my order was kind of an ass. In kind of a jerky tone he says to me, "well we can make it 200 degrees but it will taste terrible!" In my mind I say oh please do that then! No seriously, jack weed, 180 is perfect, but you already new that! Anyhoo, not off to a great start here. I better watch him carefully so he doesn't do anything to my latte! Well, unfortunately he did not deliver. The cup had tons of foam on the top. I'm sorry, again if I wanted to drink air then I might pull up to the gas station and go to the free air tank! The flavor itself was good, but there just wasn't enough coffee in my cup.

I decided to take a break from the research and head on over to the Lobster (Hobby Lobby) to get inspiration to finish my Halloween decorating. Who doesn't love the Lobster. I can spend forever in there and still not cover the whole store. I think I walked away with a faux pumpkin and a black boa. In my house you can never have too many boas! I then headed on over to JoAnn Fabrics. It's so nice that they are in the same shopping strip. Well guess what they have at JoAnn? They have Martha Stewart Halloween decorations. She must not be over at Michael's like she was last year.

Happy Halloween banner, dripping with blood, muwhaaaaa!

Crows are the perfect Halloween decor!

Aren't these bottle labels awesome? I feel a party coming on!

Well I ran many more errands and even got my hair colored. I decided it was time for my final Pumpkin latte of the day. The kids were due home from school soon and I needed a couple shots of espresso to get through the kids activities! I get to the last Starbucks and order my usual and what do you think happened? Perfection is what happened! Yes, it's true. It was the perfect temperature, perfect pumpkin flavoring and the perfect dollop of foam! Now that's what I call a party in my mouth!

I almost asked the gal if I could hug her, but I didn't want to scare her and have her screw up my future lattes because yes, in true Arnold Schwarzenegger format, I said, "I'll be back!" So what I learned is that no 3 Starbucks are the same. Sometimes you get a jerk that just doesn't care and puts too much foam in it and maybe someone is having an off day and didn't remember to put the right amount of pumpkin syrup in. Now will I ever go to those other Starbucks? Of course, especially if I am in that part of town or in that grocery and I need a fix.

Do I always get a Starbucks every time I pass one, no or I'd be poor. This was just a fun little experiment a crazy gal thought she should do for the world!
Ok, maybe just her little world and it was fun!


Julie Johnson said...

You are hysterical, and brightened my crappy mood. I agree...they are different. The one I had last week at the drive-through was much better than I had from the one where I walked in and gave my specifics. I'm also thinking they screwed mine up and added milk instead of soy...oy! I rhyme! I'm feeling a trip to Joanns for a sneak peak, and a hair color would certainly pick me up...too much $ for today though! Have a good one!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

You need to take me out. Our Starbucks is 30 minutes away and I think one of these sounds delicious! I would love a pumpkin party in my mouth!

Jessica said...

I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Sometimes I wish they had them all year but I know I wouldn't appreciate them as much :) You are so funny with your reserach. All in the name of education right ?!

Jennifer said...

You are so right! Not one Starbucks is alike! My last pumpkin one tasted burnt. You might want to email them and tell this too! They might send you some free coupons!!! I'm pretty sure they will in fact! Guess what I bought today?!!! 5 Starbucks coupons for any type of drink for $12.00 shipped off ebay!!! That saves me at least $13.00!! Whoo hoo! So, I can drink 5 in one day and be fine with wasting money! lol!

Kim said...

Talk of these Pumpkin Spice lattes is everywhere. I am not a Starbucks girl, but I'm thinking I'm missing out on all the fun. And I hate to be left out. :(

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Martha must be everywhere. Saw her crafts at Michaels today. I had a pumpkin spice latte this week too! So good! The cider mills are also open so I also enjoyed some hot cider. I love Fall!

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

Hey Megan, I just love you & your wonderful blog! Thanks for stopping by mine so that I could find you. I enjoyed all your great Halloween ideas.

Warmly, Michelle

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