Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl...I just don't get into it!

I truly have no desire to see the Super Bowl! I couldn't even tell you what two teams are playing, I swear. If my son hadn't reminded me that today was the day it would have just passed me by without even a thought!

Yup really! I kind of forgot today was the infamous Sunday that everyone has been waiting for...except of course me! I really don't see what all the craziness is about! I know that most people would say it's the commericals but even those do nothing for me, really! My life will still continue to go on even if I don't see the latest beer, Doritos, or car commercial. I did hear that Madonna was performing at half time and even that doesn't make me want to go running to the television! I laugh because even if I truly wanted to see any of it we don't have cable or an antenna so we couldn't watch it anyway.

I kind of look at the whole super bowl craziness like Maxine!

So whoever is out there getting ready to watch the big game and stuff their faces with all those rich carb laden treats, I say enjoy, truly! I myself will enjoy a board game with Claire.

She is like her momma and says, "Super Bowl, yuck!" The boys went to a friends house so need to feel sorry for them, they will be enjoying the game with the masses!


Loretta said...

Megan you are too funny...I don't, but Hubster does with his own TV! Luv

MikiHope said...

I'm with you on this one---I just don't get it--nor do I want to!!
And I like Maxine's take on it!!

Michele aka MikiHope

oldblackcatboo said...

yeah, me too.
I could care less.
I'd rather be pinning or blogging.

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