Friday, September 9, 2011

Yipee, New Carpet!

I am woman hear me roar! I'm sure it was the 3 cups of coffee and the notion of having fresh carpet that has been un-chewed by my dog, that helped get me to move all the furniture in one fell swoop!

My husband was out of town and I guess I was too cheap to pay "Men" to move it so I went to town!

It's so nice to see it all cleared out until you turn around and see that the kitchen basically threw up on itself!

Despite my broken back and the minor injury I endured while tackling this (sympathy please), it was all worth it!

Lying down on the job, what's up with that? Apparently he needed to do a little texting!

Funny how when my husband finally got home he looked at the carpet and said, "Are you sure its new carpet, it looks the same!" Buddy what did you think, you were there when we picked out this color. Sure its neutral and close to the color of the last one but so much softer. Oh, and no hole in the middle of the room or the edges ripped up. And really buddy, thanks for commenting on the fact that I moved all the furniture. I guess he must have thought it was all going to levitate while they switched the old for the new?

I decided to flip the Living room this time. So instead of the couch coming out from the window, I have it coming out from the wall and facing the t.v. Not that it really matters, we canceled cable and are really loving it! The kids can still put in a movie but they don't seem to ask as much! Love it! So what do you think of the arrangement?

Still tweaking the details and not sure of that lamp on the table. I think for now I'm going to go and lie down on my new unscathed carpet. Of course it can't be for long, since I need to start getting all my Halloween out.

After all, I am the Queen of Halloween!


Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful!

TRICIA said...

It looks great Megan! I love it this way!!

La Dolfina said...

Meg it's great! There is nothing like NEW CARPET!! It all looks wonderful... Enjoy :)

I can't wait for your visit :)


The Frat Pack + Me said...

looks so great + fresh. And i love all of your pillows!

My Inner Chick said...

Looks Fabulous!!!! x i love the colour.

Janie Fox said...

looks fantastic. My rug smells like my dog. damn. my neighbor/workout partner said so when she laid down to do push ups. I think I might be mad at her. haha

Jordan Marie @ said...

it looks really gorgeous! i am also digging the music!
i am in love with the pictures on the wall.. and the pillows the couch.. what does the 4 and 7 stand for.. love that little area.. and the coffee table is amazing.. looks great.
i can't tell the difference in carpet but i'll take your word for it!
sorry about your owwies. lol.
i love your collection of board games.. my love and i just played phase 10 and some board game!
also love how you have a pretty open floor plan..


thanks for following me back!

Kimberly said...

The carpet looks great...but I'm really loving that photo a. lot.
Also that injury? Could use a bandaid ;)

Katydid said...

Megan, getting new carpet is an awesome thing! I had the most gawdawful carpet in my living room. My husband is in construction which means I HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE for my new carpet, etc. etc. So, being the impatient person that I am ripped up the carpet and padding and dragged it out the door. I now how faux brick painted on my living room (the size of a skating rink) floor.

Stepping off my soapbox now.

Anyway, happy for you on the new carpet. Your home is beautiful.

Becolorful said...

Yippee is right on the carpet. And Hail to Meagan for moving all that furniture. I usually draw attention to myself and ask the hubs for confirmation of my great feat when I do something along this line. The carpet looks great but it isn't what I was looking at. I was going gaga for those pillows on the sofa and then the rattan chairs. Love. I have those Pottery Barn pillows too. Fun aren't they? Also crushing on that dark wall behind the fireplace. Looking fantastic.

thrasherswife said...

I love your decor - very nice!

Anonymous said...

It looks great!! I've only had new carpet once in my life and it was 2 years ago when we moved into our new house. I know, it's pretty sad. My parents had always said they were not getting new carpet until we (their kids) moved out and they stuck to their word. I totally understand that today. Now, it's going to be at least 10 more years until I get new carpet again as my youngest is only 8.

Red Rose Alley said...

New carpet makes all the difference. Lucky you!! Your wall of photos caught my eye. I used to have a wall filled with pictures back where I lived in No. Cal. It was photos of all the kids and their sports.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

April Robinson said...

I don't understand how your husband could say that it looked the same. There's nothing like new carpet. It's the definition of new house smell. Thank goodness you didn't hurt yourself moving all that heavy furniture around.

Katy said...

Oh my goodness! You did such a fabulous job!! I'm especially loving the wall art arrangement. Love your site :)

xo Katy

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