Wednesday, June 13, 2012

If life gives you lemons.........

Make lemonade, pee in it and serve it to the people that piss you off! As tempting as that may be I could never....or could I? Mwuhahaha!

Life seems to have handed us a crate of lemons lately and boy do I want this sour taste out of my mouth. In fact I'm pretty sure I hate all things lemon. Back In January we noticed our daughter was showing weird changes in her behavior.  Signs that gave us a red flag.  She was extremely emotional, easily agitated and had gained a little too much weight.  My fear was that she was going to start her period at any moment and frankly that was something I was not prepared for!  Hell she's only seven.  I really didn't think I could handle that at such a young age (really, I'm too young for this, ha)  and I was pretty sure my husband despite being a doctor wasn't up for the challenge!

After many many tears, I'm pretty sure I've cried more than a river.  We realized this wasn't going away!

I spoke to her doctor and had her in for a physical and blood work.  Well, we were relieved that she didn't have an issue with her thyroid and despite me not getting my period until I was a freshman in high school he said there isn't a guarantee that hers wouldn't come sooner than mine!

I have some friends that their girls have started menstruating at 10.  Wow even that is early but that sounds better then 7!

I spoke with her teachers and had them do an evaluation to see if we needed to have her tested for ADD.  Turns out that her IQ was spot on.  Well of course, she is my daughter after all, lol!  The psychologist said she showed many signs of ADD and would benefit from medication.

Really do we have to go that route?  I have seen some of those children that take meds and they are clearly in need, but mine, no!  I mean she isn't bouncing off the walls like some, but she does seem to get easily distracted.  Come on, what kid doesn't?  Hm mm, what adult doesn't?  It was pretty weird sitting and talking with the psychologist because all of the different signs he laid out for us had me shaking my head like yep, I can see that oh wait are we talking about Claire here or me?  I began to realize that I have a little ADD and did as a child.  After all, he did say it was hereditary!  Great, so she is the way she is because of me?  Funny, she has often been called Mini Me!

She has now been on some medication for about 3 weeks and although her summer math tutor said she could see a difference, I can't really say I have.  Maybe if we had started this while she were still in school then we might be seeing some improvement but all I have noticed is that it has screwed up her sleep so much that I will often find her up at midnight reading!  Although I'm happy she has turned to reading, no one needs their 7 year old up at midnight then up again at 7 standing at the side of your bed looking like this....

Poor poor puppy! At least her sense of humor hasn't changed!

I would love to report that her emotions and anger have disappeared, but sadly they have not!  Sometimes its like we live in a mine field.  We find ourselves tip toeing around because we are afraid that at any moment we might trip a grenade!  And yes, Claire is that said Grenade!

So I guess you can say I've had my hands full for a couple of months and blogging hasn't been a top priority!  Boo Hoo that's another reason I've been crying!

Ha, and to make matters worse,  I'm currenty trying to slam together a garage sale for this weekend!  Can you say CRAZY!

At this point, I'm open for any advice, suggestions, tips, medication (for me), or shock collar you care to give out!


Jen said...

Tough stuff...sorry to hear about the troubles. You are fighting for her and the answers will come ...maybe with trial and error. We have 1 child on meds for ADD also. It def helps but then he doesn't eat all day...until after 3 then he is famished. Uuggghhh.
I have a friend that has limited gluten in her family and it has helped her child's condition. Not sure but might be worth looking at too.
Hope you,ll have some peace soon...and the puppy too.

W.C.Camp said...

Hang in there. Sounds like you are doing the right thing and a measured response. I think you should use the LEAST amount of meds you can get away with. Your the Mom so just watch and see what it takes to get her sleeping normally again yet avoiding the moodiness. Ask Doc about halving the dose and watch changes. Take care. W.C.C.

Sabrina said...

Hey friend....I've been so out of the blogging world lately too and it must be fate that I happened upon your post tonight. My son will be 9 tomorrow and all of the emotional and difficult things you described with your daughter are soooo similar to our experience with Lanham. It's definetly draining and he's been on meds for over two years. Would be happy to chat with you via email, just me a message. Hang in there.

Janie Fox said...

How hard this has to be. I am praying for you friend!

Mrs. Tuna said...

How about a structured sport, karate maybe?

Ioana Carmen said...

super cute!

Fashion Spot

Becolorful said...

Oh sweetie, no real advice, just hugs. Parenting is all consuming. They may have told us that but I never really listened. Our first was text book cake walk, our second was diagnosed with dyslexia and or caboose was tested for ADD but the tests were inconclusive. Our middle was mainstreamed and eventually we opted out of the special needs program - wish we hadn't. I didn't realize that he could have had ITED's read to him and not have had time constraints on ACT's when preparing for college. Our biggest hurdles were self esteem. Somehow we are still stumbling through. There were a number of trying days but I can say that somehow we learn coping strategies and it DOES get easier.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Hello! Hope things are going well. One of my sons has anxiety which causes him to act out when he is uncomfortable about a situation or going somewhere new. Just something else to think about - like at what times your daughter acts up most. At one point he developed motor tics because of the anxiety, but now thats worked itself out and it is rare to see that happen. Best wishes to you and your daughter.

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