Thursday, September 29, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

It's been a busy week for me, collecting all homeless crows and spiders to nest in my home for the upcoming month! Many of them scurry this way as the weather slowly dips and the nights bring on an eerie glow!

Rest in Pieces!

Jack, that guy is always smilin!

This guy hung around too long after our last Halloween Party!

Whooo, are you looking at?

Care for a spooky cocktail?

I guess he found a comfy place to lay his bony head!

Time to call the exterminator!

Lots more adding and sprucing to do to get ready for our big Halloween Bash! Should be a frightfully ghoulish night!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bigfoot spotted!

Just when we thought nothing could get in our way on a sunny afternoon, something unexpected shows up.

Is it? Could it be?

I can't quite make it out but, I think it looks a lot like Bigfoot!

Wait a minute, how did he get in my living room?

Where's animal control when you need them?

Ahhhhhhhh, help!

No animals or humans were harmed in these photos!

This is actually my crazy daughter who was playing hide and go seek. She found this costume in our closet and got the idea she would hide in the costume and then go and scare her dad. I think it worked!

What, you mean you don't all have Bigfoot costumes in your closet?

I'm hoping to show you all what I've been up to lately and it has lots to do with my favorite holiday!

Yesiree, the Witch is In folks!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That Dam Auto-Correct!

I just got an I-phone and I swear the things I've texted could go down in history as pretty obscene, but oh so innocent. Glad most of the doozies went to my husband and he has forgiven me.

Now that doesn't mean I will ever live them down mind you.

Upon hearing my mishaps with auto-correct, a friend emailed me some hilarious mix-ups that she came across! I have been ROFL this morning and thought I should share!

Be warned, some are quite shocking!

Happy Tuesday and don't forget to proof read before you hit send!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Yipee, New Carpet!

I am woman hear me roar! I'm sure it was the 3 cups of coffee and the notion of having fresh carpet that has been un-chewed by my dog, that helped get me to move all the furniture in one fell swoop!

My husband was out of town and I guess I was too cheap to pay "Men" to move it so I went to town!

It's so nice to see it all cleared out until you turn around and see that the kitchen basically threw up on itself!

Despite my broken back and the minor injury I endured while tackling this (sympathy please), it was all worth it!

Lying down on the job, what's up with that? Apparently he needed to do a little texting!

Funny how when my husband finally got home he looked at the carpet and said, "Are you sure its new carpet, it looks the same!" Buddy what did you think, you were there when we picked out this color. Sure its neutral and close to the color of the last one but so much softer. Oh, and no hole in the middle of the room or the edges ripped up. And really buddy, thanks for commenting on the fact that I moved all the furniture. I guess he must have thought it was all going to levitate while they switched the old for the new?

I decided to flip the Living room this time. So instead of the couch coming out from the window, I have it coming out from the wall and facing the t.v. Not that it really matters, we canceled cable and are really loving it! The kids can still put in a movie but they don't seem to ask as much! Love it! So what do you think of the arrangement?

Still tweaking the details and not sure of that lamp on the table. I think for now I'm going to go and lie down on my new unscathed carpet. Of course it can't be for long, since I need to start getting all my Halloween out.

After all, I am the Queen of Halloween!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh the Places She'll Go!

My daughter, she sure has spunk and determination! We've always said, she dances to her own beat! Hmmm, I wonder where she gets that from? And no, not my husband. I really think she'll go far in life but she does make me nervous at times and her brother mortified.

She decided on Sunday that she needed to make some money. She said, "Mom, Dad, I'm good at a lot of things, and I think I want to try selling some of those things!" I know my husband cringed at the same time I did. As parents (on the inside) you question where her head is going with this but also, we want her to know we think she is talented and don't want to stifle any of her confidence. So we gave her the ok and she decided to set up her art shop right in front of the house!

Now does this guy deserve Dad of the year or what? What a trooper and yes, her biggest fan that's for sure!

Look at that painful expression on my husband. It says, "Please tell me I'm done out here....Please?"

I had to bribe my son and his buddy to be nice and buy a piece from her. Not their money of course. I gave them each a dollar to make her day! I missed it, but a neighbor who was walking by stopped over and bought a piece. I think you can see by her huge smile that she is a happy camper!

She sure was happy at the end of her sale, because she was just shy of $5.00 richer! I could see the wheels spinning as to what she was going to come up with next!

Forward 2 days and she again had a wild hare to sell something else. So she set up shop out front but this time it wasn't art it was freeze pops! I let her drag her little table and chair out and told her to have fun and good luck!

I did a few things inside and then decided I should check on her. Well, she wasn't at her table. I double checked the back and inside to see if she had snuck in but no Claire.

I didn't worry because we know all the neighbors and everyone knows Claire. Well lets just speed this story along here. As I'm trying to get my son ready for football he starts getting so stressed out that someone has taken Claire that he can't even put his dam pants on. He begins to fall apart on the floor and said, "What if something happened and we never see her again? I can't go to football and concentrate. Oh gawd James are you crazy? We couldn't be that lucky! No I didn't say that. Ok maybe not out loud, honest!

I've said this and I'm afraid I'll be saying it a million more times.....James is a worry wart and freaks out about the craziest things and always at the worst times. He will even freak out about the tiniest red dot on his body. Once he gets an idea in his head, oh hell you'll never hear the end of it. He swears he's going to get the plague or Elephantitis some day!

What an overprotective big brother! Despite fighting like a zebra vs a crocodile, he would do anything for her.

I decided to leave my son in the puddle of his own tears and go find my street walker! I made the loop around the pond and found her a couple blocks away. When I pulled up to her she was carrying a basket and a huge grin on her face. I told her to get in right away. She was not happy to have her job cut short but knew the look on my face was not one to mess with.

We got home in time to take the sobbing mess to football, after I assured him that his sister was fine and of course had to promise him that she was never going to leave the house again, ever!

I must say, despite some painful moments with my emotional 11 year old, my little entrepreneur made $9.00 selling freeze pops. I of course had to call all the neighbors and find out how much I owed them for humoring my girl but wow! She knew she wanted to make money and that she did! Pretty good for 7 years old!

Hmmm, if she keeps this up we might be looking at early retirement!

I've been told that she'll be selling singing lessons next! Get ready neighborhood, are you in for a treat! Maybe I can send James somewhere so he doesn't get embarrassed or sit there watching her like a hawk so she doesn't scurry off!

No Phone Call Is Worth It!