Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Out with the old, and in with the new I say! So out goes my lack of blogging and posting pics of me in 2011 and in comes me and all my glory. My Dad came for a visit this past week so we got a little goofy!

Here's to an amazing 2012 and whatever it may bring!

Thank you to all who have stayed with me and continue to come along for the ride!

James just celebrated his 12th B-Day yesterday! Our New Year's Eve has never been the same! I still cannot believe my baby is 12!

I get the feeling he thinks his mom is a wackadoodle, what do you think?


Janie Fox said...

I think I like wacka doodle!! You are a cutie too!

Olive Cooper said...

Megan, wait til he is 16 and you will not want to know what he thinks. You are fun and definitely not boring. Happy New Year. Olive

La Dolfina said...

Hey, Happy New Year Meg!!!!!!
Love these photos:)
OK, have you lost weight?
You look completely different!!!!!
Love you girl!!!!

shopannies said...

happy new year to you

Mama Peacock said...

You do "wackadoodle" so well though! :)

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