Thursday, March 18, 2010

Claire has a boyfriend!

Ok, lets just say she has an admirer and he is 6. I mean for pete's sake Claire is only 5. Its crazy but a little cute! She has this "friend" Henry that she met in preschool. They are now in kindergarten at the same school, but they are in different classes. He is hilarious. The things he says just crack me up! Claire says, "Mom, he is just a friend", but Henry insists he is in love and Claire is his girlfriend. Henry called the other night and asked Claire out to dinner. I told Henry we would love to, and we'll just meet you at the restaurant. I enjoy his mother so this would be fun. I heard later that Henry was upset that "The Moms" were going. He said to his mother, "Mom, I didn't invite Mrs. P. to dinner, just Claire!" She said, "Henry, what did you think, that I was just going to drop you off?" Henry said, "Well, yah of course!" All she could say to that was "Oh, Henry!"

Later the next day Henry went to work with his mother. His mother owns this fantastic toy store and Henry was so excited about his "date", that everyone that came in the store he told about his upcoming dinner with his "girlfriend". I think it was a long day for Susan his mother, because he was driving her crazy about when they were leaving and "is it time Mom?" Henry picked out a few presents for Claire and myself and even James, my son. He picked out a blue bracelet for me and a snake for James and for Claire he picked out a pink bracelet and a little horse. As he was gathering the trinkets he just put them in his pocket to wrap later. He called a family friend Angelo, who is Italian with a very thick accent. He wanted to ask him if he was allowed to kiss on the first date, OMG, help me I don't want to hear this! Angelo said, "No, no, not on the first date." Can't you just hear him saying that? Henry then told the fellow, "I can't wait to show her whats in my pants!" meaning the bracelet and little horse he had just put in there. Susan gasped upon hearing that and said there was a customer that had overheard him and her eyes went huge, can you imagine?

Later as he and his mother were driving to the restaurant, he realized that he didn't get my husband a gift. He said, "Oh no, I forget to get Mr. P. a present. Mom, can you just write Mr. P. a check for $200.00 for his gift?" Doesn't he say the darnedest things? Are you laughing hysterically yet? I am!

Opening gifts! Claire brought Henry a snake and a spider, typical boy stuff and he loved them!

Notice the card, it says I love you Claire!

We went to this fire grilled pizza place and Henry went up to order and pay for the both of them. He was so proud!

Claire sat there, looking at me like, "Mom, why are you taking so many pictures?"

While Susan and I were having a beer at another table, she told me that Henry told everyone that came into the store that he and Claire were going to be dining alone and "The Moms" would be out in the car waiting and drinking! Can you believe what the people thought as they heard that?

The guy at the counter could tell they were on a "Date" so he made heart pizzas! I squealed it was too cute!

This was the guy who made the pizzas!

I love how they are just chatting and eating!

Its time for Coldstone Creamery!

Happily eating ice cream!

The kids had a lot of fun as did the moms laughing at a far away table!

The End!


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Oh my, this is SOOOOOO cute! I loved the part about "can't wait to show her what's in my pants!!" Too cute!

Oh, Henry sounds like such a doll, and it's no wonder why he is in love with your Claire. Obviously way early for predictions, but this would sure make a cute story for their wedding toast, right?

Hope you have a super day!!

Kate said...

Dear Megan,
Today is one of those days that my illness is keeping me in bed so I decided to spend it with my friends on the blog. Well your's was the first I came to this morning and I am still laughing with tears. What a HOOT and its so very precious. I'm going to share this post with my hubby and hopefully when he gets home from work he won't be able to wait to show me what's in his pants either! A present of course that's where he always sticks the trinkets he brings for me. I have two older sons and my daughter is six, I look forward to my little one meeting her first Henry.

Thank you for adding such joy to my day and she is so stinkin adorable.

Warm wishes

Unknown said...

HOLLY COW~ can THIS BE ANY CUTER.... what a funny kid that Henry is... and how darling and endearing is all of this. IT almost made me a bit wheepy... love it! Claire is a doll... so I can see why he is smitten. JGG

La Dolfina said...

OMG this is the most precious post!!
Seriously... Henry rocks!! I adore his confidence and take charge attitude and Claire looks like she's digging it too! What a priceless moment to cherish for Mom's... and what a wonderful scene for the patrons and employees of the restaurant. A miniature when Harry met Sally!!
I am so glad you shared this... it really made my day!!!!

Unknown said...

Too funny...and very cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the heart shaped pizza!

:) T

Unknown said...

What a cute blog....and I love this post! HOW sweet.

Happy Spring from Houston, TX!

Jen said...

Adorable! I love stories like these!

Free Art Printables said...

Megan, that is so cute! He's such a little sweetie!

the treat girl said...

Hi Miss! Thanks for stopping by my little blog!! I can't wait to peek around some more.....Claire's girlie tree is sooooooo cute!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Ah... young love! So cute.

Jen said...

You're in Iowa? You're right down the road! We go to W. Des Moines each year so I'm pretty familiar with the area. So funny!!

Heather said...

LOVE the heart pizza! ha! That is awesome. Your blog is great... following now! ;)

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